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Step up from brick-and-mortar to brick-and-click

Supplement your physical store with Applexus SimpleRetail, the intelligent digital store platform that eases the way you sell, manage, report and grow your retail business.

The intelligent digital store platform

If you are single store or multi-store, access your retail solution anywhere, anytime. SimpleRetail is a cloud-based retail solution powered by artificial intelligence that can stand alone or integrated with any ERP to offer advanced solutions.

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The preferred platform - SimpleRetail

Our Vision for Retail - Better Customer Experience

Whether the experience is traditional cash and carry or online or otherwise, the customer expects a consistent and memorable shopping experience. SimpleRetail enable retailers deliver consistent and optimal experience.

Wow your customers
Transform your business

Our Vision for Retail - Improve Supply Chain Efficiencies

Place supply chain uniquely to identify customers’ needs to drive better customer experiences. A late delivery can disappoint whereas an early delivery would delight. SimpleRetail plays a key role in driving customer experience strategy.

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Write to us or call us or walk- in to our office. We help you kick start your online retail journey and enable you to run your business the way it should.

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