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Enhance your physical store with Applexus SimpleRetail - the intelligent retail platform that eases the way you sell, manage and report.

The intelligent digital store platform

SimpleRetail is a complete retail solution that offers PoS, inventory management, real-time reports and much more. It helps you optimize stocks, schedule cycle counts, boost sales and offer awesome customer experiences.

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The preferred platform - SimpleRetail

Our Vision for Retail - Better Customer Experience

Your retail business can be cash-and-carry or multi-channel, but customers expect consistent and memorable shopping experiences. SimpleRetail enables retailers to meet customer expectations by helping them deliver personalized experiences across channels.

Wow your customers
Transform your business

Streamline your supply chain

Supply chain efficiencies play a crucial role in positive customer experiences. A delayed delivery will disappoint whereas an early delivery will delight. SimpleRetail ensures business success and customer satisfaction by getting the right products to the right customers as quickly as possible.

Streamline your supply chain
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Write to us, call us or even walk into our office. We will help you chart your roadmap to retail success and ensure that you stay ahead of the competition.

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