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Amaze your customers with delightful experiences

Applexus’ customer loyalty management solution delivers a comprehensive, powerful B2B online and in-store functionality to engage customers on a deeper note, genuinely motivate repeat customers, and reward them appropriately. Our personalized reward system etches a strong brand image in your customer’ mind and helps them select your brand over others.

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Versatile and comprehensive point-of-sale systems

Our point of sale (pos) solution allows store environments to speak to a single transaction and engagement engine. We also enable our clients to design and deploy complex customer journeys that utilise existing environments rather than ripping and replacing. Our solution makes it easy for retailers to grow their business, manage their pos, maximize their inventory utilization, access actionable analytics, improve customer experience and personalize loyalty programs.

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Right prices for your business

We help businesses create incentive marketing campaigns and equips them with the technology and tools needed to build informed, analytics-backed merchandise and assortment plans that are flexible, localized and based on customer preferences. Applexus pricing solutions help retail businesses get their right mix of products to customers when and where they want it, at optimum prices.

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Manage inventory with precision

Efficient inventory management is the key to retail success. Efficiency means having just the right amount of inventory – not too much and not too little. Our merchandise and inventory management solution helps in viewing real-time inventory information and manage your store operations across locations to avoid overstocking and stock-out situations and fulfill demand from anyplace.

Plant and growing business

Retail analytics and reports to win sales and improve store performance

Along with the evolution of retail landscape, customer demands have changed drastically. To deal with this, retailers need a retail analytics solution that helps them make data-informed decisions that better sales positively. With the analytics solution embedded in simpleretail solution, we help retailers discover opportunities that make sales processes a win-win scenario and enhance revenue generation multifold.

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