Take control of your purchasing process and maximize profits

Comprehensive purchase order and invoice tracking

Ensure excellence and easy execution of store operations Ensure excellence and easy execution of store operations

Handle your purchase and replenishment processes effectively

Instore operations such as stock take and cycle counts are crucial activities for retailers. They need to be aware of the stock in hand, stock value, damage identification and stock adjustment. This helps retailers understand the stock status across their supply chain. It is, therefore, imperative that in-store operations be conducted accurately and with systematic planning. Our intuitive in-store inventory solutions improve data accuracy and increases mobility, thereby streamlining movement, counts and queries for retailers. Retailers can enter transactions and perform inventory requests concerning their stocks in real time, at the point of use. Transaction validation takes place online, identifying valid data immediately. Real-time inventory information improves the quality of supply chain collaboration, enables accurate requests for replenishment orders, automates core inventory management processes, and optimizes warehouse and supply site scheduling activities and resources.

Efficiently manage multiple and single SKUs Efficiently manage multiple and single SKUs

Create and track your purchase orders and manage supplier info easily

Supplier Management

Manage all your supplier details including supplier address, payment terms and conditions, etc. You can also use this to set payment limits for your suppliers.

Supplier Rating

Assess product levels at multiple locations and easily transfer stock between different branches, warehouses, etc. Create shipping, delivery, items received and acknowledgement documentation to ensure smooth movement of stocks from one point to the other.

Supplier Products

Map suppliers to products with based on multiple criteria. This feature can be used to compare which supplier supplies which product as well as categories, rates, delivery time, etc.

Obtain visibility into your stock and automate your hardest tasks Obtain visibility into your stock and automate your hardest tasks

Get complete control over your purchasing and quotation management

Purchase Request

Stores can raise purchase requests to the central warehouse. Warehouse will process the request after consolidating such all such requests from all the stores.

Quotations and Quotation Comparisons

Create quotations with store and product details. After creating your quotations are created, you can compare them to select the best available offers/prices at that time.

Purchase Order and Amendments
Create, manage and track your purchase orders. You can also use this feature to make amendments to your PO to reflect changes in factors such as price, quantity, discounts etc. You can even cancel your PO using this feature.
Improve performance, increase profitability Improve performance, increase profitability

Gain 100% visibility into your purchase, shipment and stock information

Shipment Details

Track details of shipment from supplier including the date and time of shipping and delivery.

Gate Entry

Once the shipment reaches your warehouse you can update status as good received (before verifying).

Goods Receipt Note

Once the shipment reaches your warehouse you can update status as good received (before verifying).

Improve ROI by knowing by knowing exactly what, when and how much to purchase

Stock Assign

Update the stock received into your inventory where they can then be assigned to each particular store according to their requirement.

Stock Rejections

Used to update details stock that has been rejected due to damage or other reasons.

Debit Note

Create and send stock rejection note with the quantity and cost of the rejected goods to the supplier.

Invoice and payments

Raise invoices, approve and process payment. Allows payments to be settled via cash or other multiple modes.