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Many stores, multiple channels, one solution

Manage your multi-store retail operations easily with SimpleRetail, a holistic platform that improves your profits and productivity.

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Combine the power of Cloud and AI to enhance customer experiences and supply chain efficiencies

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Grow your business to multiple locations, offer new channels and sell more

Running multiple stores

Running multiple stores has never been simpler

Empower your sales force, across all your stores, with a 360-degree view of customers including their purchase history, brand and price preferences and special occasion. So, no matter which store your loyal customers walk into, your sales personnel are well-equipped to offer a consistent, personalized experience.

Tools that help you adapt for retail success

marketing powerhouse

Turn each store into a marketing powerhouse

Built to meet the needs of Omni channel shoppers, SimpleRetail consists of 6 core modules, which can be configured alongside any ERP or merchandise management system to offer buyers a seamless shopping experience across stores and channels.

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