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Amp up your electronic store sales with SimpleRetail

SimpleRetail offers retailers a powerful, mobile POS solution that is as high-tech as the gadget they sell. Our solution boosts sales of high value items in computer and electronic shops and offers hassle-free experience for the most valuable customers.

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SimpleRetail-Electronic items

Promote upselling and cross-selling of your electronic items

SimpleRetail accesses information of the premium users and autoprompts them to buy products based on the items they have placed in the cart. Leveraging market basket analysis technique, it suggests the combination of products or peripherals that are likely to be bought together with an electronic gadget or appliance.

SimpleRetail - Simple invoicing

Simple invoicing for stores across locations

View details of past sales and purchase information of global stores easily. Simple Retail speeds up and manages invoice processing from arrival to payment, maintains searchable customer and electronics items database, and tracks sales information for reducing business spend.

SimpleRetail-Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics to drive more in-store electronic store sales

SimpleRetail enables electronics store owners to make quick and important business decisions from real-time reports that factor in inventory, sales, products, and employees' information. This enables them to map sales and growth for predicting future sales and meet peak sales season.


Applexus SimpleRetail solution has been very helpful in facilitating efficient seller-shopper communication and has helped us to understand and serve our customers better.

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Transform your Electronic business with SimpleRetail

Simplify your businesses with a comprehensive view into your processes

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Easy to use

SimpleRetail is easy to use and highly customizable. It seamlessly integrates with most of the popular hardware and ERP systems in use, so that your transition is hassle free. What’s more, we’ll help you get started and support you throughout your transformation journey.

Know your customer better

Equipped with a 360-degree view of your customers including their purchase history, brand, and price preferences, you can offer better products and tailor-made offers to inspire confidence in your brand and to build long-lasting customer relationships.

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Why Choose SimpleRetail for your Electronic Business

SimpleRetail is easy to use and provides



Access at any time and from anywhere. All your reports and data are available 24 x 7, are secure and up to date.

Works on most devices

Works on most devices

Works easily across all devices, including mobiles providing a high level of flexibility with regards to hardware and peripherals.



Use facial-recognition to create a seamless no-effort way to identify customers as they come into your store.

Accept any payments

Accept any payments

SimpleRetail has partnered with almost all leading merchant providers across the globe, so that you can choose how to accept payments in your store.

Connected apps

Connected apps

SimpleRetail connects mission-critical enterprise apps in accounting, staffing, sales and more. Manage your entire business online.


Round-the-clock support

We provide 24/7 customer care and have a global team of SimpleRetail experts to help you on your way and keep you running.

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