Customer Relationship

Turn your customer into the hero of your story

Build long-lasting relationships with your clientele

Create comprehensive customer databases Create comprehensive customer databases

Create comprehensive customer databases

Customer relationship management is an amalgamation of organizational strategy, business processes and technology, all focused on providing better customer service. Conventionally, this was done with software that automates and integrates your customer-facing activities: sales, marketing, and customer service. Our best-in-class CRM software system goes beyond the basic functionality of providing additional tools for customer analytics, personalization, e-commerce, social media, collaboration, and more to drive omni-channel customer engagement. Our CRM system centralizes and stores massive volumes of customer and prospect data – from contact history to social media activity – and makes it obtainable in real time. This data can be analyzed and leveraged to improve sales, marketing, customer service and digital commercial activities.

Entice new customers and retain loyal shoppers Entice new customers and retain loyal shoppers

Entice new customers and retain loyal shoppers

Customer Management:

Helps you learn more about your customers at a glance. Synchronize your online and retail customers and collect customer details at checkout to build successful, targeted customer engagement activities and customized offers with local relevance.

360° Customer View:
  • Offer better products to your customers with great offers based on buying patterns and shopping habits. SimpleRetail gives retailers a 360-degree view of their customers’ history including their purchase history, brand, and price preferences, quotations, open tickets, etc. to help your understand your customers better.
Loyalty Card Management 
  • Provide loyalty cards (physical or virtual), track point accumulation and deduction during transactions and print physical cards. Manage your loyalty card programs and tailor offers to delight your customers with SimpleRetail.
Nurture valuable customer relations that last Nurture valuable customer relations that last

Nurture valuable customer relations that last

Recommendations Engine
  • Leverages machine learning to analyze customer interests from customer browsing, purchase history, wishlists, unfullfilled past requests, previous offers, etc. and shares the results with the retail salesforce to help them cross-sell and up-sell.
Social Media Integration
  • Learn what your customers really think about you with social media sentiment analysis. Get insights into their positive and negative sentiments and feedback from their social media posts. This helps identify your retail operation’s strengths and weaknesses.
Customer Collaboration
  • Sync your customer lists across all shopping channels including online and brick-and-mortar. Make use of one-on-one collaboration with customer to improve their experience and increase customer engagement, awareness and loyalty.
Be in touch with your customers 24 x 7 x 365 Be in touch with your customers 24 x 7 x 365

Be in touch with your customers 24 x 7 x 365

Customer Appointments
  • Build stronger customer relationships by scheduling online customer appointments using an intuitive, easy-to-manage calendar. This will help you set up appointments so that someone who understands the customers’ preferences will be available to serve them.
Customer Segmentation
  • Create customer segments according to demographics such as age, gender, geography, spending behavior, and order history to help your sales and marketing people send targeted emails, offers, updates, promotions, etc.

Get customers into your store and keep them coming back for more

  • Build meaningful customer engagement strategies with Clienteling - an Artificial Intelligence-enabled application that offers a holistic view of inventory, pricing information, customer’s previous shopping habits, preferences, wishlists, etc.
Personalized offers and pricing
  • Attract your customers to your store with customized offers and pricing created specifically for a customer. This helps you strengthen your brand image and improve the profitability of your business and achieve high levels of customer retention.
Product Traceability
  • Build trust for your brand by offering product traceablilty. Track and trace your products from manufacturing to store. The product traceability feature, driven by blockchain technology, offers traceability across your supply chain network including information on the origin, manufacturing, raw materials used, etc.
Brand Protection
  • Ensure that the products that you sell are genuine and thus ward off revenue loss, prevent brand tarnishing, stop other brands from exploiting your brand image. Powered by blockchain technology this reassures customers about the genuineness of your items.