The concept of working solely within the confines of an office space is being replaced by a more mobile and flexible model. Mobile devices, web-based applications, and cloud technology have been powering this shift towards enterprise mobility and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Enterprise mobility is changing the way businesses and employees function and operate. Organizations, therefore, need to incorporate mobility technology across devices and platforms to offer an agile and flexible technology environment for employees to function.

Enterprises that hesitate in adopting mobility run the risk of losing out to their competitors. However, poorly implemented mobility strategies can have an adverse impact on business productivity. Systems that are not responsive and those that lag may drive employees away from them. Another problem with the BYOD model is the inherent data security risk associated with it. Enterprises need an implementation partner with in-depth know-how in mobility technology and enterprise applications to help them achieve success in their enterprise mobility endeavors.

With extensive knowledge in enterprise solutions as well as deep expertise in enterprise applications, Applexus, user experience service providers, can help companies maximize their investment in enterprise mobility to capture data onsite to optimize their backend system. Our enterprise mobility offerings help to reduce operational costs while ensuring transparency and visibility for better planning, reporting, and scheduling.

With studies showing that 87% of IT leaders view enterprise mobility as being a critical aspect of their operations, it is essential that organizations embrace enterprise mobility to increase employee productivity and to enhance customer engagement and establish a brand presence. Applexus can help ensure that this move towards enterprise mobility is implemented successfully.


Application Design (UX)

Application design starts right from having a clear understanding of the specific requirements of the enterprise application to installing the infrastructure that makes up for a logical and simple UI. If the application design is user-friendly employees will quickly adopt the system. The average employee or customer has certain expectations from their enterprise applications. Applications need to have a fluid yet easy user interface that can be incorporated into their routine activities. If enough focus is not given to the application UX, users will reject it, and the enterprise mobility implementation may fail. A sound enterprise mobile strategy has to focus on the design of the application to provide positive returns on enterprise mobility investment.

Our application design team focuses more on creating a user experience than an enterprise app that just focuses on business processes and transactions. We study how employees use key systems on a regular basis and design a user-friendly application that will encourage widespread adoption. We harness the ease of user offered by SAP Fiori to provide a consistent look and feel across applications. SAP Fiori UX focuses on app users and their needs. Our easy to use, role-based apps can help organizations improve productivity, increase app adoption and decrease training time.

Application Development

We use the SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) to help developers create scalable applications across all mobile platforms including Windows Mobile, iOS, and Android. SMP includes both a development and a runtime environment which supports enterprise mobile application development. This middleware platform allows users to connect to existing ERP systems or applications via their mobile devices. Applications developed on SMP can be deployed across a wide range of devices and can access data from various sources. SMP is available on-premise or in the cloud and offers a variety of resources and connections to facilitate the development process.

We also offer SAP Fiori implementation services along with custom native mobile app development. Fiori is a collection of pre-built mobile applications, which is simple, easy to use and offers improved user experience. Fiori applications are delivered via the SAP Store and are customizable according to the specific needs of the enterprise. We customize Fiori applications that organizations can utilize in their enterprise mobility system.

Applexus leverages the power of SAP NetWeaver to help organizations mobilize SAP and non-SAP data. NetWeaver Mobile offers tools to develop, deploy, and operate mobile scenarios for occasionally and always connected mobile devices. This helps employees working remotely to work offline without having to wait for a network connection to complete time-critical business applications. NetWeaver Mobile also provides tools for synchronization and data replication that makes the data of the mobile device consistent with that of the back-end. Applexus employs NetWeaver to enable organizations to give their employees remote, instant, 24/7 access to all company data and applications via mobile devices such as PDAs, laptops, and smartphones.

Application Maintenance and Support

Companies that use enterprise mobility need to make certain of continued support for their applications and ensure that they work not just on current mobile devices but any possible future upgrades too. Enterprise mobility applications need constant upgrades, monitoring, and security enhancements. Round-the-clock technical support and routine maintenance are, therefore, critical to any enterprise mobility implementation.

Applexus provides comprehensive application maintenance and support services for enterprises. Our services include

  • Integration of applications to ERP systems
  • Providing enterprise training programs
  • Continuous monitoring of the deployed apps
  • Upgrade of the existing application when new versions are released
  • Providing OS-related upgrades and enhancements
  • Regular functionality upgrades