In today’s competitive world, commercial transportation faces exceptional complexity. As supply chains grow longer, the likelihood increases for loss of visibility, inflated logistics costs, and missed customer service commitments. Increases in international freight volumes can end in uncoordinated freight movements or lost shipments. Freight costs go up and customer service levels go down unless a company optimizes its transportation capabilities, including the procurement and management of capacity, equipment, and resource utilization, routing decisions, and selection of logistics business partners.

Increased customer service levels are possible with a transparent end-to-end order management process that includes features such as end-to-end shipment visibility of track-and-trace pickup and delivery. The SAP Transportation Module (SAP TM) application provides flexible support for strategic purchasing and selling of freight capacity, shipment volume forecasts, capacity management, shipment planning and execution, flexible tariff management and billing, and complete visibility of global and domestic shipping across all transportation modes and industry variations. Powerful analytics can help measure important process metrics. Implementation of SAP transportation module makes your logistics business easier.

Some of the features of SAP Transportation module are:

  • Transportation Capacity and Demand Planning > Collaborate with carriers to negotiate freight contracts and to book ocean and air carrier capacity for domestic or international shipments.
  • Transportation Requirements Management > Manage transportation requirements holistically from order entry to final settlement.
  • Freight Planning and Optimization > Create optimal freight plans to schedule the most freight for the least cost while honoring service constraints.
  • Freight Tendering > Reduce operating costs and improve operational performance by automating the freight tendering process.
  • Freight and Forwarding Settlement > Reduce transportation costs with more accurate costing and integrated billing.