SAP version upgrade

SAP version upgrade is to move from a lower version of SAP to the higher version. This is generally done to enable the latest features launched by SAP and also to adapt the latest technologies used in the higher version. We do this upgrade process in all the four servers, including sandbox.

SAP EHP upgrade

As part of SAP business strategy, SAP doesn’t release new version from ECC 6. Instead, they release Enhancement Pack.

Security optimization services

This service helps the organizations to relook at the roles and authorizations assigned to an employee during the implementation, which may not be relevant at this point in time. This helps the organization to optimize the users, reduce the license renewal cost and also to provide right authorizations to the right person. We use SAP’s standard tool to list out the current authorizations and reassign the same on the basis of latest roles.

Performance Optimization

Using Performance Optimization tool, standard SAP tool, we identify and list out SAP transactions that takes more than expected time to perform the result. We analysis the identified programs, prepare an analysis report and submit to the customer for the approval. On the basis of customer approval, performance improvement would be done.

Technical Projects (ABAP, PI, UI5 etc..)

This offering is designed to meet the customer’s specific requirements related to report developments, third party integration, user interface development etc. Under Technical Projects, we take do collect the requirements and convert the same in to a Business Requirement Document for customer approval. The development activity would be done post customer approval for the BRD.