Organizations face two types of performance issues in SAP – Response Time and System Throughput. In most cases it could be due to non-standard ABAP programs or BASIS related issues. Organisations grapple with the performance of their SAP, as generating even a simple report becomes time consuming. The SAP Management is reluctant in approving creation of new reports or functionality fearing that it may further slowdown the system. This results in slowing down the business itself whereas the intent behind the ERP was to improve business responsiveness. Large reports that take a long time to process may impair the pace of work of another user in another department.

The integrated system which was supposed to be blessing now has become a curse as it ruins the productivity of the user while the ERP system was supposed improve productivity. Month-end, Quarter-end and year-end are a nightmare for users and the SAP team.

Applexus understands that in today’s information economy, speed of information gives competitive edge to the business. In order to make organisations agile, we optimise the SAP landscape of organisations through SAP Performance Tuning. SAP ABAP Performance Tuning improves the execution time of a program without changing the functionality. Applexus has the experience, technological expertise, and resources to assist organisations with a timely, cost-effective, and successful analysis and resolution of performance bottlenecks with SAP systems.

We rely on SAP’s tools, SAP recommended methodologies and experience in effectively tuning the performance of various organisations and impart it to our clients. Expertise and experience of our team enables us to identify issues and recommend the right solution to resolve performance bottlenecks in a quick and efficient way.

Your Benefits:

  • Lower costs as well-performing programs require less hardware
  • Better end-user experiences, with faster and more predictable response times
  • Reduced business interruptions, slowdowns, or standstills
  • Faster, more predictable run times for batch jobs

Our Proactive and Reactive Service Offerings:

  • Training on Coding best practices and Standard Monitoring Tools
  • Familiarization and training on efficient use of performance check tools
  • Review and Re-engineer current SDLC to incorporate the best practices in SDLC Process
  • Checklist for ABAP best practice coding standard
  • Checklist for System Monitoring best practice
  • Training on Troubleshooting (BASIS)
  • Identification of performance problems
  • Reports on analysis
  • Optimization of identified ABAP Programs
  • ABAP Best Practice document
  • BASIS Best Practice document
  • DB and System optimization