HANA is SAP’s breakthrough solution for in-memory databases and brings the power of analytics and flexible data acquisition to enterprise processes. It has the potential to completely transform existing business models by providing real-time analytics for large amounts of data.  This helps organization predict and plan future scenarios. HANA is highly customizable and works with most software and hardware.

Upgrading to SAP HANA can help enterprises capture new opportunities, foster innovation and streamline operations. However, the move to SAP HANA cannot be handled as a typical database migration. It requires a completely different way of thinking and has to be tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by each company.

Applexus provides SAP HANA migration services that help you unleash the true potential of SAP HANA. Our team of certified HANA consultants empowers you to gain complete and non-disruptive access to modern analytic capabilities and take full advantage of the intended technical and business benefits of HANA to gain a competitive edge. We review the existing solutions and analyze possible scenarios to reach a balanced decision.

Applexus SAP HANA Migration Services include

  • End-to-end support throughout the technical migration process
  • Expert consulting related to hardware, architecture and design
  • Heterogeneous system migrations
  • Post-migration optimization

SAP HANA Migration Benefit

  • Process enormous volumes of data at unprecedented speed and accuracy
  • Drive existing processes with greater accuracy
  • Improved responsiveness of planning, sales, production cycles
  • Reduced costs through simplifications in hardware, maintenance and testing
  • Enhanced simplicity and efficiency in operations