Adapting business processes to changing economics and market situations across geographies is a common challenge when considering the rollout of SAP to multiple locations. At Applexus, we have different implementation approaches and strategies that help transfer of leading practices across all lines of business. Our Rollout philosophy is conform to your SAP template, with definitive changes to drive quick and repeatable project implementations.

We are adept at allowing flexible template adjustments and minimize investment in redundant process development. Our Global Rollout methodology is backed by our multiple delivery models and knowledge of local, legal and statutory requirements across different countries.

Applexus employs a robust repository of reusable ingredients during different phases in the project to hasten the SAP global rollout process. Our dedicated department of experts, specializing in executing multi-country SAP global rollouts across continents by combining SAP standard tools and templates developed in-house is a benefit for your requirement. Our ready to use template SAP global roll-out guidelines, procedures and standards helps you accelerate the global rollout. We assist you increase visibility to your local business project with quality documentation and re-circulate best practices built at local projects to other projects and improve communication and transparency to enhance your business.