The logistics add-on for import and export localization in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is an extension to the SAP EXIM (export and import) solution. The add-on is designed to meet the documentation, regulatory and compliance requirements of the MENA region.

The localized versions of SAP ERP for MENA region support various business transactions and legal compliance processes that are unique to the Middle East and North Africa. The localized version includes the letter of credit and bank guarantee enhancements such as the ability to create an incoming letter of credit, incoming bank guarantee, import letter of credit without the letter of credit request, export bank guarantee without the bank guarantee request, bank guarantee request form, and liquidating letter of credit and bank guarantee.

Key Features of EXIM for MENA

  • Store all details of financial documents
  • Maintain distinctly, well-catalogued import and export related information
  • Automatic Financial transactions at header and item level
  • Easy to use screens and interfaces
  • High-level security with customizable authorization to protect documents

Business Benefits

  • Automate manual steps in the export and import processes
  • Optimize utilization of import licenses. Save duty and tracking timely receipt of export incentives
  • Increase visibility in the export-import operations by capturing process data and key performance indicators
  • Improve customs processes by generating pre-shipment and post-shipment documents from SAP

The standard SAP EXIM solution can handle several export and import transactions, but the solution is inadequate for documentation, financial transactions and few critical operations in the trade process. To bridge these gaps and provide a holistic solution that caters to the EXIM process in MENA, Applexus customized the standard SAP solution and developed a unique add-on solution, nEXIM. The new add-on is configurable to meet varied customer requirements across industries.

nEXIM Overview

The Applexus add-on solution enhances the standard SAP EXIM features in the following areas –

Letter of Credit Management

  • Helps in Managing Tracking Letter of Credit‘s
  • Workflow on LC approval process.
  • Import Letter of Credit- Request
  • Import Letter of Credit- Receipt
  • Incoming Letter of Credit Receipt


  • LOC Tracking
  • Bank Guarantee Tracking
  • Incoming Letter of Credit Validity Report
  • Incoming Bank Guarantee Validity Report

Bank Guarantee

  • Creation of Bank Guarantee request
  • Receipt of Bank Guarantee
  • Creation of Incoming Bank Guarantee

nEXIM Features

Applexus add-on pack covers various aspects of MENA export import management. It includes -

Letter of Credit Management and Bank Guarantee

Functional Pack

  • Attaching WBS Element or Internal Order while creating Import Letter of Credit
  • Updating bank charges in PO against each line item pricing condition
  • Creation of Import as well as Export LC with reference to an existing LC
  • Import Letter of Credit utilization - Acceptance and Retirement
  • FI posting of bank charges - Acceptance charge and Retirement charge
  • FI posting of retirement amount (Vendor Payment)
  • Import LC utilization report and LC item report
  • Import LC item report
  • Enhancement in purchase order to differentiate the PO for LC/BG
  • Facility to view the LC details of the purchase order in relevant purchase order screen
  • Facility to view the LC details of the sales order in relevant sales order screen
  • Provision to upload Scanned document against import LC
  • Creation of Bank guarantee with reference to an existing of Bank guarantee

Report Pack

  • LC utilization report
  • LC item wise report including internal order and WBS element

nEXIM Business Benefits

  • Meet documentation, reporting and tracking requirements of the International Trade
  • Flexible customization features to meet region and customer-specific requirements
  • Customized standard process flow to suit customers unique requirements
  • Pre-integrated with standard SAP and its logistics modules including Sales and Distribution (SD), Material Management (MM) and Financial Accounting (FA).
  • Generate reports for analytical insights into import/export processes
  • A one-stop solution for efficient management of export and import trade