Whether you are a large enterprise or a small business, the IoT will help improve organizational efficiency by capturing enterprise data and making it easily accessible across devices via the cloud. This allows your company to become more effectual at the same time reducing costs. Equipped with real-time data and insights from data gathered from the IoT, you can now provide and provide your customers with better services and experiences.

  • Utilize in-store sensors, beacons and video feeds to understand customer hotspots, in-store dwell times and purchase behavior
  • Use RFID tagging to gain better inventory visibility and make automatic stock replenishment
  • Smart signage for personalized promotions and targeted content and customer feedback
  • Temperature and pressure monitoring and alerts to avoid spoilage of perishables
  • Prevent shoplifting and theft by coupling RFID and geo-fencing
  • Combine real-time analytics with customer data generated by RFID-labelled garments to provide personalized shopping experiences
  • Embedded microchips for product authentication to safeguard customers from counterfeit goods
  • Improve product traceability to prevent loss of goods
  • Integrate wearable technology into apparel and accessories improve the overall health and wellness of individuals
  • Improve transportation and logistics of manufactured goods by fleet tracking
  • Shop-floor smart sensors to track assets across the factory floor and optimize inventory management
  • Connect factory assets with ERP systems to provide role-based views for increased productivity
  • Analyze real-time machine data to undertake predictive maintenance at the right time
  • Utilize sensors for 24/7 monitoring of transportation conditions for perishable goods
  • Using “smart shelves” to automate inventory restocking ordering and to classify consumer demographics
  • Utilise technologies like RFID to rack products and trace routes through the complex global supply chain
  • Use chatbots/voice assistants for personalised customer service
life science
  • Connected devices to transmit vital patient-related information for remote monitoring
  • Track shelf life of medicines to avoid stock outs of essential medications
  • Monitor medical equipment and undertake predictive maintenance
  • Workflow optimization of medical personnel and EMTs