The IoT (Internet of Things) is turning everyday objects into data factories. A multitude of sensors and wearables have helped create a completely connected ecosystem. According to HIS, the average annual number of connected IoT devices worldwide will reach 125 billion in 2030. This will result in astronomical amounts of data being produced daily. While this data will contain valuable insights, analyzing and making sense of all this data poses a challenge. The key to keeping up with this data deluge is to combine Artificial Intelligence with the IoT. This will help garner meaningful and impactful insights from the vast quanta of data collected by the IoT. The convergence of IoT and AI, called the ‘Intelligence of Things’ will enable connected devices to take actions based on information gleaned from sensors, smart devices, databases, systems and the internet. The Intelligence of Things facilitates smart automation, predictive analytics and pre-emptive intercession.

No matter where businesses stand in their IoT journey, Applexus helps them adapt to their unique IoT space. We help companies accelerate the time to value of IoT deployments while building on their existing technology assets. After preliminary assessment of the current landscape, we architect and implement IoT/AI solutions for organizations based on their specific business requirements. Our AI-powered IoT services and solutions are designed to run on technology that is fast, reliable, secure and scalable.

Our Competencies

We apply custom-specific combinations of our expertise in design, embedded systems, connectivity and cloud
to build and deploy successful IoT solutions for our clients.

Hardware Engineering

Hardware Engineering

Our hardware engineering expertise makes sure that each component of your IoT system is compatible and integrated with all the peripherals and devices in the system.

Big Data Architecture

Big Data Architecture

We provide comprehensive Big Data Architecture for Device Layers, Data and Middleware Layers and Application Tiers employing technologies and platforms like Hadoop, Spark or NoSQL. This includes building pipelines to stream sensor and device data into data lakes.

Data Modeling

Data Modeling

Our conceptual, logical and physical data modeling helps reduce redundant applications and frees up resources to provide faster responses to your organization’s evolving data requirements.

Machine learning

Machine learning

We help companies to create smart systems to leverage smarter algorithms that can iteratively learn from existing data and reveal hidden insights without being programmed explicitly.

Data Science Predictive Analytics

Data Science Predictive Analytics

We analyse structured, unstructured and semi-structured data and turn them into meaningful deliverables like prediction engines and pattern detection analyses.

End-to-end Application Development

End-to-end Application Development

With competencies ranging from microprocessors to real-time operating systems our engineers offer end-to-end expertise for complex embedded applications and HMIs.

Artificial Intelligence
Data Science
Intelligence of Things
Our approach to development

Our approach

IoT initiatives have to be well-thought careful thought out is implemented from both a technology and an organizational touchpoints. Applexus adopts a holistic approach to IoT that encompasses technology platforms, product development and business strategy. We plan our roadmap based on your business, the verticals and market segments you cater to. We recommend a 3-tiered approach for companies planning to make the move to an IoT ecosystem which includes

  • Pain-point identification and classification

  • Industry best practices and solution fitment analysis

  • Project roadmap defining IoT role, technology stack and expected outcomes

  • Asset IoTization including hardware design/selection, connectivity, security and communication

  • Platform development for data storage and device management

  • Application development for data visualization, analysis and business insights

  • Security compliant solution implementation and performance evaluation

  • Comprehesive review process including risk identification and mitigation

  • Data accuracy, performance evaluation and realtime go-live support


  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • SAP
  • Intel
  • Ibm Watson

Be it any phase of IoT transformation journey -- whether you are toying with IoT ideas or have IoT challenges to overcome -- we can support you to achieve maximum potential with IoT adoption. We help organizations develop a road map, develop and execute the right IoT solutions for your business, ensure interoperable systems, and make a smooth transition to the IoT landscape. We guide our partners through the best route for an IoT-enabled business ecosystem, enabling them to become the Enterprise of Things. With our advisory services, we help companies address the complexity of IoT adoption in device management, application development, big data analytics, security, and scalability. Our advisory services help organizations to:

  • Transform business process landscape with IoT
  • Simplify the complexity in IoT installations and future-proof solutions
  • Align governance, risk and compliance management with business goals

Hardware design plays an important role in ensuring compliance of the functional requirements of any IoT ecosystem. We offer a comprehensive array of IoT hardware and firmware design services including smart sensors and gateway device design, system architecture design, board design and PCB Layout design. We help organizations conceptualize their use case scenarios by building the key components of their IoT ecosystem. We also provide device testing and post-deployment support. Be it a quick prototype for your POC or the implementation of a time bound and complex design for a real time application Applexus provides best in class hardware design expertise that helps organizations provide a connected, intuitive experience for their customers.

Connecting numerous sensor-equipped objects to the Internet has given rise to an entirely new breed of big data ecosystem. While this IoT-generated data conforms to the big data paradigm in terms of data volume and velocity, it differs in its real-time requirements, difference in type of data collected (often in highly constrained and sometimes in high latency environments), and higher sampling redundancy. This often renders traditional architecture redundant and slow. We help organizations implement layered architecture (where each layer performs a different function) that allows them to design their Data Pipeline depending on their requirements of Batch or Stream Processing systems. We also offer high performing data architecture approaches that include software-defined storage architecture and responsive storage architecture. This allows organizations to implement better big data architecture while handling the IoT’s ever-increasing requirements and complexity cost-effectively.

From smart home systems to wearables, IoT holds potential for innumerable real-world implementations. We work closely with clients across industries to enable smart retail, connected consumer packaged goods, innovative healthcare systems, and intelligent manufacturing. We utilize rapid application development tools and open technology platforms of Amazon, Microsoft, SAP and IBM Watson to bring to market robust apps that bridge the physical and digital worlds. We develop IoT applications that use technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy, Near Field Communication, ZigBee, among others. We provide end-to-end application development services that support multiple protocols and offer cross-platform support. Additionally, our skilled UI designers can create interfaces that are user-friendly as well as visually appealing.

Whether you are a large enterprise or a small business, the IoT will help improve organizational efficiency by capturing enterprise data and making it easily accessible across devices via the cloud. This allows your company to become more effectual at the same time reducing costs. Equipped with real-time data and insights from data gathered from the IoT, you can now provide and provide your customers with better services and experiences.

  • Utilize in-store sensors, beacons and video feeds to understand customer hotspots, in-store dwell times and purchase behavior
  • Use RFID tagging to gain better inventory visibility and make automatic stock replenishment
  • Smart signage for personalized promotions and targeted content and customer feedback
  • Temperature and pressure monitoring and alerts to avoid spoilage of perishables
  • Prevent shoplifting and theft by coupling RFID and geo-fencing
  • Combine real-time analytics with customer data generated by RFID-labelled garments to provide personalized shopping experiences
  • Embedded microchips for product authentication to safeguard customers from counterfeit goods
  • Improve product traceability to prevent loss of goods
  • Integrate wearable technology into apparel and accessories improve the overall health and wellness of individuals
  • Improve transportation and logistics of manufactured goods by fleet tracking
  • Shop-floor smart sensors to track assets across the factory floor and optimize inventory management
  • Connect factory assets with ERP systems to provide role-based views for increased productivity
  • Analyze real-time machine data to undertake predictive maintenance at the right time
  • Utilize sensors for 24/7 monitoring of transportation conditions for perishable goods
  • Using “smart shelves” to automate inventory restocking ordering and to classify consumer demographics
  • Utilise technologies like RFID to rack products and trace routes through the complex global supply chain
  • Use chatbots/voice assistants for personalised customer service
life science
  • Connected devices to transmit vital patient-related information for remote monitoring
  • Track shelf life of medicines to avoid stock outs of essential medications
  • Monitor medical equipment and undertake predictive maintenance
  • Workflow optimization of medical personnel and EMTs

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