From Transforming Processes to Bringing a Striking Change in Your Business

Implementing a process change is easier said than done. This is because all too often, change initiatives miss the point or fail to deliver value to stakeholders. With years of experience in the making, Applexus helps you identify the core areas that need transformation within your organization and drive effective change management processes that meet the intended outcomes.

We help in infrastructure remodelling, aligning core business reengineering strategies with IT infrastructure, process optimization and system integration, and all the while maintaining the integrity of individual components. For this, we choose the right mix of tools and technology solutions to catalyze a radical change. Our reengineering processes and optimization methods are futuristic in design and employ minimal disruption to normal business workflows.


The Applexus Enterprise Process Change Management Program mainly focuses on the following three essential areas:

Business Process Modeling

Based on a three-pronged approach consisting of ‘Analyze, Measure, Improve’, we study your current processes, identify counterproductive workflows and propose a model that is in line with your business agenda. Our process models help you to:

  • Formalize existing workflow and implement a standard methodology across global business units
  • Communicate process information through an integrated channel, enabling stakeholders to be on the same page
  • Buffer risk and create auditable processes that ensure maximum compliance with regulatory standards

Process Simplification and Integration

Applexus helps businesses in building scalable solutions that can consolidate complex-event processes for their individual business units spread across the globe. This enables businesses to gain visibility into performance of sub-processes in real-time and make faster, informed decisions. Added to this we help businesses achieve operational excellence in automation, simplification, optimization and integration operations, leveraging Lean Six Sigma methodology.

Business Process Optimization

Applexus has a great team of seasoned professionals to help companies identify the shortest and best route to process as well as resource optimization, while guaranteeing sustainable success. We help organizations to streamline existing operations, maximise profit and eliminate process gaps through process recalibration, - upgrading of technology, while improving cross-functional/interdepartmental collaboration. By doing this, we ensure the most efficient utilization of workforce, processes and technology to one’s advantage.