Independent Quality Assurance (QA) verification and intensive testing to ensure your eCommerce site’s performance and security.

eCommerce websites are quite complex and contain a large number of features, functionalities, and modules. It may also contain several interlinked web pages, integrated banking systems, etc. All of these need to be thoroughly tested to ensure 24×7 availability and a consistent experience. Consumers expect eCommerce sites to be easy to use, fast and secure.

Our testing and validation services offer

  • User Experience Testing
  • Functional testing (including holiday readiness)
  • Security testing
  • Performance testing
  • Testing automation

Our team will help you identify potential limits of your server in terms of performance and load. We will help you with Usability, Functional and Security Testing of your website to ensure your customer data isn’t compromised.

Our independent testing and validation services can help eCommerce sites

  • Trim testing cost by 70%
  • Increase productivity
  • Ensure consistent experience across environments and devices
  • Improve Customer Experience through faster response and reduced defects
  • Predict behavior during peak loads