Stay connected across omni channel touchpoints and integrate your online operations

With Omni channel shopping becoming the norm rather than the exception, retailers need to deliver seamless, integrated experiences to shoppers across all physical and digital channels. Digital commerce websites need to cater to the omni channel shopper segment to earn and maintain brand loyalty.

The full potential of an eCommerce website can be realized when only when it is fully integrated with other systems such as CMS, CRM, ERP, and POS. Such an integrated system can also optimize sales and provide a better customer experience. Ideally, a digital commerce site should be able to sync with product information, logistics, taxes, supply chain, inventory, orders, customer information, promotional offers, etc. A fully integrated eCommerce site that can help save time and money needs to offer

  • End –to-end Connected shopping
  • Easy order fulfillment and returns
  • Personalized and relevant interaction
  • Integrated merchandising

We connect disparate systems, organize systems as reusable ‘services,' and quickly integrate new systems with existing applications without the need for costly customization or rewrites.

We help retailers merge brick-and-mortar store operations with their digital storefront to offer seamless cross-channel integration. To meet customer expectations for a relevant, hassle-free experience across all retail touch points we help retailers overhaul their supply chains, marketing, merchandising and more. Our extensive experience in cross-channel integration provides a holistic approach that enables retail organizations to serve customers better and avoid potential pitfalls.