Breathe life into your brand with rich and compelling digital experiences that will win over your customers

UI/UX Design

User-friendly layout and design play an important role in increasing eCommerce website conversion rates. Applexus provides the expertise that e-com sites need to help shape and improve their website interface and design. Our UI/UX services help in increased conversion rates sales with the same level of traffic. Our experts bring brands to life online with an inspiring digital environment that customers will love.

We help businesses strike a balance between creativity and usability by designing digital commerce experiences with a deliberate focus on the unique vision of a brand. We combine extensive knowledge of UI best practices, competitor benchmarking and in-depth analysis to deliver an exceptional digital experience for your brand.

Web Design

An eCommerce website’s storefront should not only make an impression on visitors it should also tempt them into making purchases. eCommerce sites should also be highly responsive and easily accessible across devices. We refine and improve on-site practices to increase satisfaction and conversion by examining how customers interact with digital properties. Our web design services will help digital commerce sites in brand building, sales improvement and creating long-lasting customer relationships.