The real value of big data can be unlocked only when insights obtained from data sets are put into daily practice across departments and industries. Businesses can use data to offer their customers a highly personalized product or service recommendations so that users have to spend less time trying to figure out what to buy. Big Data can also help businesses improve productivity by automating mundane tasks, resolving probable issues, optimizing business processes, mitigating risks and detecting fraud. See how data can add value to your business.

  • Dynamic pricing engine to optimize pricing
  • Inventory management to prevent overstocking and under-stocking situations
  • Retail forecasting to meet the demands of the customer while optimizing pricing and inventory
  • Product recommendation based on previous customer clicks and behavioral patterns
  • Understand the voice of the customer / employee through social media, sentiment analytics
  • Customer segmentation and engagement patterns for targeted marketing
  • Sales forecasting to cater to dynamic demands
  • Predictive search to enable users to find what they are looking for
  • Sourcing and procurement analytics to empower buyers with the best combination of goods, vendors, and services
  • Supply chain planning and demand forecasting to reduce warehouse, transportation and inventory costs
  • Returns and after-sales management through root-cause analysis and fraud analytics to reduce returns and fraud
  • Reduce waste - Identify product or price discrepancies in real-time
  • Improve demand supply visibility – Real-time Predictive Analytics for demand-supply visibility and automated demand-supply balancing
  • Improve profitability – Automate Inventory and Price planning
  • Optimize operations for generating maximum business value
  • Predictive Maintenance
life science
Life Science
  • Predictive Modelling in drug discovery and in identifying candidates for clinical trials
  • Trend analytics and predictive modeling to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Signal analysis to predict adverse outcomes
  • Drug revenue forecasting calculated based on drug effectiveness
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP) – initiates actions by analyzing multiple data streams in real-time