Organizations spend too much time gathering and preparing their data, which in turn lengthens the time-to-insights for critical decision making. We follow a three-pronged strategy -- Analyze, Measure and Improve -- to study your data and current data management processes, identify technological flaws associated with current analytics solution, bring to light counterproductive workflows, and formulate analytics solutions to transform data for improving the pace of your decision making processes and optimizing your business processes.

We help organizations in:

  • Technology Audit
  • Assessment of current data management environment
  • Executive Training to sync workforce with new big data technology
  • Building roadmap for data management and predictive analytics solution

In the race to improve customer experience, it is highly probable for organizations to miss out on operational analytics to improve business processes. Our data scientists will help you transform your business processes with advanced analytics and big data to understand process performance metrics, optimize asset performance and take timely action in case of service outages. We can help you in

  • Demand forecasting
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Insights-driven operations
  • Sales Analytics
  • Incident and anomaly detection
  • Proactive IT enablement with embedded analytics
  • Spend analytics with insights across the procurement cycle

With the surge in connected devices and sensors that create vast volumes of mission-critical data, it becomes essential to analyze them as soon as they are generated before they degrade. While traditional analytics techniques rely on after-the-fact analysis, stream analysis generates near-real-time intelligence from high-speed data streams. This enables you to exploit available opportunities, reduce unplanned outages, resolve issues quickly and dynamically plan your actions for optimized processes.

Our solutions in stream analytics include:

  • Real-time stream data analytics
  • Complex Event Processing for processing events when they occur
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Streaming application development
  • Stream application deployment to the cloud

Organizational data are often collated from disparate systems and may be in the form of tables, tables or spreadsheets. Charts, graphs, and other visual representations can help reveal hidden patterns, correlations, and trends and get insights at a single glance.

Our expertise and experience in Data Visualization include:

  • Dashboards, Scorecards, What-if analysis
  • Seamless visualization of data from multiple sources
  • Self-service reporting, Analytical reporting, Operational and Real-time reporting
  • Mobile apps for data visualization solutions
  • Implementing solutions with big data infrastructures like Hadoop and Spark.