In today’s digital economy and data-driven world, businesses are seeking greater access to data flexibility to drive innovations and leaders are differentiated by their capability to use data to create value.

An EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouses) offers advantages of efficiency and scales to cater to more structured data across different functions in an organization. However, it is not equipped to tackle the challenges in analyzing unstructured and semi-structured data. In managing their data requirements, organizations need to move from a Data Repository system to a more holistic approach offered by Applexus Big Data Analytics solutions.

The Applexus Advantage

Organizations today must have big data tools and technologies and the techniques to gather any data and cut the time-to-insights for decisions makers, customers, suppliers, and employees.

Applexus’s Big Data Analytics offers multiple advantages:

  • Help enterprises quickly create and deploy impactful Big Data Analytics solution.
  • Improving the customer experience - Know the voice of the customer and identify social networks to incorporate sentiment, preferences, and opinion into ideation and product research. This leads to greater customer satisfaction and a much-enhanced customer experience.
  • Lower risk – Using our advanced big data technologies can lead to much shorter lead time to insights, enabling a proactive approach to risk management.
  • A dedicated team with big data analytics expertise.