The real value of big data can be unlocked only when insights obtained from data sets are put into daily practice across departments and industries. Businesses can use data to offer their customers a highly personalized product or service recommendations so that users have to spend less time trying to figure out what to buy. Big data can also help businesses improve productivity by automating mundane tasks, resolving probable issues, optimizing business processes, mitigating risks and detecting fraud. See how data can add value to your business.

  • 360-degree view of customers to understand customer behaviour
  • Measure brand sentiment to understand the popularity of a product and for targeted promotions
  • Improve product placement and store layout for in-store personalization and shopping habits
  • Improve ecommerce website performance with social media activity and purchase history
  • Market basket analysis and recommendation engine based on past shopping data
  • Successful order fulfillment with real-time inventory management and tracking
  • Customer segmentation based on predicted buying behavior
  • Efficient supply chain management with data providing greater transparency to carriers, suppliers and customers
  • Improve demand supply visibility – Real-time Predictive Analytics for demand supply visibility and automated demand-supply balancing
  • Improve profitability – Automation of warehouses and supply chain
  • Supply route optimization with data from sensors on delivery vehicles, weather data, and road maintenance data.
  • Build a product marketplace that resonates with consumers’ tastes
  • Sourcing and procurement analytics to empower buyers with the best combination of goods, vendors, and services
  • Demand forecasting to meet consumer needs based on point of sales and consumption data
life science
Life Science
  • Prediction of treatment outcomes by correlating phenotypic, genotypic, EMR, clinical and other types of data
  • For fraud detection and checking legitimacy in claim handling
  • Ensure wellness of patients by monitoring vital signs
  • Improve public health by analyzing disease patterns and tracking disease outbreaks