With its inherent intelligence gathering and analyzing capabilities, AI readily lends itself to any industry or business where customer experience excellence is crucial. Businesses can use AI-powered tools to offer their customers highly personalized product or service recommendations and settings, so that users have to spend less time trying to figure out what to buy. AI can also help businesses improve productivity by automating mundane tasks, predicting and resolving probable issues and also in detecting fraud. See how AI can add value to your business.

  • Product Recommendations
  • Improve customer experience – customer identification, virtual shopping assistant, chatbots, context relevant advertising
  • Improve forecasting and prediction accuracy for better profitability
  • Optimize inventory based on weather and social media trends
  • Personalize shopping experience: Virtual cognitive stylists for fashion
  • Improve product discovery:  Visual search for fashion products and styles in e-commerce
  • Identify and forecast fashion trends and cycles - Understand and analyze fashion blogs, articles and social media interactions and messages
  • Improve efficiency - self-learning algorithms for supply chain optimization
  • Automate supply chain – guarantee on-time delivery
  • Streamline manufacturing – shorten time to manufacture a product
  • Reduce wastage - identify product or price discrepancies in real-time
  • Improve demand supply visibility – real-time predictive analytics for demand-supply visibility and balancing
  • Improve profitability – automate inventory and price planning
life science
Life Science
  • Improve success rate - advanced predictive modelling in drug discovery and identifying candidates for clinical trials
  • Increase safety - real-time clinical data analytics and remote health monitoring of clinical trial participants
  • Mitigate risks - understand and predict compliance risksProducts and Solutions Simple Retailing