Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions

An entire new world opens to businesses when they implement artificial intelligence (AI). AI applications have been around for more than 30 years. Particularly in the mid-market, only in the past few years has this powerful tool delivered real business value. Today thousands of companies utilize bits and pieces of AI to improve customer service, increase sales and even remove entire processes. With machine learning companies continually increase utilization of AI. What was the stuff of science fiction or just for technology frontrunners is now mainstream.

Machine learning has captured the attention of executives the world over. This sustained interest is due to the immense value the technology provides in automating business processes and enhancing the decision-making process. A recent ServiceNow and Oxford Economics study of 500 CIOs demonstrates how important machine learning is from a business perspective. According to the study, spending on machine learning is expected to double from 2018 to 2020 and reach 64% adoption by 2020. This will spur an increase in spending on AI and machine learning to almost $47 billion (2020). If these statistics have piqued your interest, your next move should be to bring on-board a competent technology partner who can deliver the advantages offered by machine learning.

Customer Stories

BASF Customer Stories

The chemical company BASF is using machine learning to match 94% of payments to invoices.

BASF Customer Storieswatch the video

Amickey Customer Stories

Learn how Aimickey Shoe Manufacturer uses machine learning to help customers customize their own shoes within 7 days.

Aimickey Customer Storieswatch the video

We’ve invested so you don’t have to

Applexus is investing in this breakthrough area. To accelerate our competency, we have welcomed new people from federal space agencies, academia and industry who have worked with AI for years. Our existing staff has studied, learned and implemented machine learning and AI tools.

Dr.Thomas Bio
Featured Expert

Dr. Thomas Koickal brings in over 20 years of experience in predictive modeling, machine learning, deep learning, neuromorphic computing and related AI-based technologies. He has worked with the University of Edinburgh and Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, a major space research centre of the Indian Space Research Organisation. An early adopter of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, Dr. Koickal has a long stint in machine learning based technologies.

Unravel the next technology frontier within your organization by embracing machine learning and AI with the help of the experts at Applexus. The Applexus team has extensive domain experience in machine learning for specific business problems. Our AI and machine learning solutions match unique requirements of multiple industries. Check out these services offered by Applexus:

Natural Language Processing

With our NLP capabilities, you can have
the building blocks to automate speech,
writing, and translation tasks.

Predictive Modelling

Utilize patterns to unlock the next stage of ‘what's next’ in business decisions through
model building, evaluation and automation.

Facial Recognition

Highly effective and impactful computer
vision technology offers facial recognition
and image recognition.

Object Recognition

Navigate the world of visual content with ease through precise object recognition.

Real-time Stream Analytics

Accelerate business insights and decision making with real-time predictive analytics. Utilize cost efficient in-memory computation and storage with Big data.

AI Automation

Create a productivity boost one step at a time within your existing IT framework, with our AI automation skills.

Our AI-Enabled Products


Battle of the Bands: Image Recognition


Battle of the Bands: Image Recognition

Machine learning has become all the rage now that its more accessible than ever to mere mortals. A whole host of API’s have sprung up to allow most everyone to integrate powerful machine learning functions into their own applications.



Machine Learning
and Why Now?


Innovation as a Service

At Applexus Innovation Centre, we engineer to life, ideas that change the way the world works. Together with the next generation of entrepreneurs, we aim to build a sustained innovation ecosystem that connects disruptive ideas to realizing resources.

We nurture ideas

We offer innovation as a service to aspiring entrepreneurs at all levels be it with technology
infrastructure or workforce or managerial skills or promotion.



Collaborate with entrepreneurs who have a transformative idea and create a roadmap for the product to roll out.



Utilize Applexus’s state of the art technology and human resources to bring the idea to life with the best technology available and at the lowest cost.



Create a sustained growth path for the product with the right mix of marketing and product evolution intelligence.



Allow idea owners to successfully exit our incubation environment with a solid profit yielding business.

We create ideas

Our folks are always at the helm of identifying disruptive market innovations and at our
Innovation Centre, we convert innovations into business value.



Collaborate with entrepreneurs who have a transformative idea and create a roadmap for the product to roll out.



Utilize Applexus’s state of the art technology and human resources to bring the idea to life with the best technology available and at the lowest cost.



Create the working model of a solution that can bring about a revolutionary change in the identified area.



Create a new business ecosystem with the innovative product that disrupts conventional value flows.