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Ever woken up with a pesky hangover that made you nauseous at the very thought of having to navigate through the app to order your food? With virtual assistants you no longer have to fumble with your phone to satiate your hunger pangs. Booking a ride with Uber, playing your favourite track or buying stuff from Amazon, digital assistants can do it all and everyone might have had their bit of fun with them.

Mobile apps can never fade into insignificance but user behavior is continuously changing when it comes to the use of apps. Users have stopped depending on a multitude of apps to get their work done and have started turning to these digital assistants to execute tasks faster.

Digital assistants use conversational UI to interact with human users and produce near-human response to queries. Conversational UI are poles apart from the earlier human-computer interactions achieved by clicking on icons or entering syntax-specific commands. Today, computers can complete an action by translating human language as it is spoken, along with the dialects, intonation and locution though it took time for computer experts to conquer.

But there’s more to conversational interface than just recognizing a user’s commands. About 72% of CEOs see the next 3 years as more critical than the past 50 for their industries. “At the epicentre of change is the customer experience, which redefines every company’s business model and how they deliver value”, opines Bill McDermott, SAP CEO.

SAP CoPilot takes conversational interface to the next level with a digital assistant for enterprises to take over routine tasks. It is an optional component of SAP Fiori launchpad. A bit like the way they whisper to Alexa or Siri, users can talk to SAP CoPilot and gets things done in a jiffy. Business objects or contextual information are presented to users based on the interaction they had with the digital assistant. In short, it does not only lighten user’s workload but also helps in making contextual decisions from real-time data. SAP CoPilot comes with an interface to:

  • Create chats: It helps you start solo chat or initiate collaboration between team members allowing them to share and store notes, screenshots, and attachments easily.
  • Add notes: It allows easy capturing of ideas and notes on the go. These notes become messages when you add participants.
  • Take screenshots: With SAP CoPilot there is no need of maintaining multiple programs to capture, edit and comment on screenshots. These screenshots can be added directly to chats.
  • Access business objects: Based on the designation, business context and business situation, you can get relevant insights anytime, anywhere. Quickly build objects using a pre-existing form with minimal input.
  • Communicate with ease: Strike up a conversation with others in human language using text, gesture or voice.
  • Autofill forms: It is fitted with entity recognition, highlighting names of objects, people and organizations on their own and completing tasks such as autofilling forms.

Digital assistants have been the consolidation smartphones have been longing for. SAP CoPilot will take the same place of Siri, Alexa and Cortana for enterprise users and will circumvent the need for maintaining standalone apps to manage workflow. By applying native-device capabilities along with artificial intelligence, SAP CoPilot seeks to understand users and their related roles in the environment in which a business operates. This helps them bring the attention of users to notifications that they might have missed otherwise or things that require immediate remediation.

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