Applexus SAP CAR
Applexus delivers SAP Customer Activity Repository rapid deployment solution for retailers

Seattle, January 20, 2015- Applexus innovation continues its journey with the new addition – a rapid deployment solution (RDS) built leveraging SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR). As customers extend their shopping experiences to multiple channels, it has become instrumental for retailers to gain quick access to customer behavior to keep them engaged with their brand. SAP CAR RDS by Applexus is an innovative retail data repository application powered by the SAP HANA platform that enable retailers to become more customer centric by bringing sales, customer and inventory information into a single unified platform.

“Applexus has always been a leader in the SAP partner community in leveraging its leading development center to deliver new technologies to help customers’ meets their business objectives. The new Applexus SAP Customer Activity Repository RDS offers powerful customer insights that are pivotal to a retailer’s success,” said Nixon Xavier, vice president - practices and delivery, Applexus Technologies.

Retailers today are challenged to analyze large volumes of sales, consumer and inventory data spread across different siloed systems for informed decision making. With this innovative SAP CAR technology solution, the access to real-time sales insights allows the retailer to make informed decisions and allows them to react and predict consumer demand more effectively than the competition. With Applexus SAP CAR RDS, retailers can also implement the solution more quickly thus enabling them to make well informed decisions leveraging the consolidated data that historically has been spread across multiple applications like POS, ERP, ecommerce and CRM and stay ahead of the competition.

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