marketing trends

Market Trends

  • Empowered consumers expecting personalized experience
  • Product life cycle shortened from season to months or even weeks
  • Wider range of merchandise
  • Increased influence of social media

Challenges in the retail industry:

  • Home-grown spread sheets with no integration to central data and or sync with transactions
  • Reconciling siloed data requires up to 80% of a planner’s time
  • Deciding the best product mix to maximize sales and profit
  • Using outdated or inadequate tools to balance the ‘art and science’ of planning
  • Meeting customer demand without over-buying and under-buying of merchandise
pain points

What is SAP Merchandise planning solution for retail?

SAP Merchandise Planning for Retail (MPR) provides a robust workbook-based solution for preparing one to five-year financial plan. SAP MPR provides a centralized repository for all planning activities that enables quick reconciliation of strategic merchandise plans and reduces the manual effort associated with spreadsheet-based planning processes The solution integrates and facilitates end-to-end planning with real-time data and forecasts.

Top-down, middle-out, and bottom-up planning models can all used to build a budget.

Potential channel growth is planned as an increase in:

  • Comparable store sales
  • Direct to consumer sales
  • Wholesale business

What is SAP Assortment planning solution for retail?

SAP Assortment Planning for Retail (APR) can determine the breadth and product depth of assortment aligned with strategic goals and demand planning of quantities for the upcoming season based on historical data. APR can also:

  • Reduce inventory costs through sales unit projection
  • Balance your assortment breadth and depth
  • Maximize regular sales and margin based on optimized product and location clusters
  • Streamline planning processes, including purchasing and inventory management
  • Provide real-time analytics tied to assortment plans, all powered by SAP HANA