Made for your business

InStore is designed and developed keeping you and your business in mind. We want to give you more control of your merchandise, inventory and store operations.

Work on the move

InStore is not yet another mobile app or technology. But it’s all about providing you better control of your business processes and supply chain. Access real-time merchandise information irrespective of your location. It connects directly with your SAP through a wireless network connection.

Not papers, Manage with your finger tip

Wading through bundles of papers to manage supply chain, track inventory and run store operations is a thing of the past. With an interactive & intuitive interface, InStore empowers you to navigate through heaps of information, validate data and run your store operations just by sliding and tapping of your fingers.

Enriched with features

  • Track goods movement including inter-store transfers, breakages and theft
  • Manage inventory receipts with or without reference documents like purchase orders or delivery
  • Perform physical inventory during opening hours – planned and ad-hoc
  • Lookup for various stock types in real-time

Business Benefits

  • Optimize on-shelf availability of inventory at all times
  • Control your inventory better and cut down carrying costs
  • Streamline and manage your store-labor expenses and reduce cost significantly
  • Plan your inventory better and improve pricing accuracy
  • Make smart decisions and improve profit
  • Save time with accurate records and transactions related to inventory
  • Real-time access to inventory information

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