HTR offers easy sales management to specialty retail stores dealing with high value merchandise such as jewelry, furniture, luxury goods, etc.with their high ticket retailing software solutions. It differs from traditional POS dashboards and offers store owners with an array of customer interaction and handling capabilities tailored exclusively for high end retail goods.

HTR streamlines high end retail with

Order Management

Order Management

A complete sales assistant to handle customer data from name to cross selling recommendations to even calculating commissions. HTR offers simple and intuitive order management capabilities to the POS operator to collate customer data.

Cash Drawer Management

Offers real time status of cash available at store with provision to set limits for withdrawal and enables bank transfer facility.This allows owners more flexibility to transact in their stores and have a check on withdrawals.

Cash Drawer Management
Order Management

Customer Interaction Center

A 360 degree customer portal to allow multiple sales associates to serve handle diverse customer interactions at the store. The plethora of options allow associates to help customers define their most preferred buying choices at ease.

My Sales

An integrated dashboard for sales associates in multiple roles to access their sales reports, customer interaction logs and much more. This allows better productivity measurement of sales associates and helps decision makers to take calls on training and resource utilization.

My Sales
Machine Learning

Machine learning

Machine learning technology allows us to create dynamic offers and promotions based on basket analysis to increase upsell and cross-selling opportunities

HTR helps specialty retailers to

  • Facilitate order management
  • Create customer profiles
  • Set up targeted customer interactions
  • Create electronic communication links with customers via email
  • Set up delivery schedules
  • Handle cash drawer transactions
  • Provide on call and email customer assistance and cross selling
  • Set up credit accounts
  • Assess performance of sales personnel

HTR makes business
easy with

  • Simple and intuitive user interface for customer interactions
  • Intelligent data management and analytics
  • Integration with multiple devices for data inputs such as barcode readers, smartphones, etc.
  • Facilitate multiple payment options
Applexus’s HTR addresses a very important need in having real-time 360-degree visibility of the consumer experience. In addition, we expect that the single view of the inventory, along with the most up-to-date pricing of the products, will directly impact the bottom line of the company and enhance the consumer’s experience.
- Allan J. Weiss, VP, Retail and Fashion Delivery Execution with SAP