SAP HANA 2 - The next generation of the HANA Platform

This blog will give you a quick insight into SAP HANA 2, the latest release.

SAP HANA 2 is the next generation of the HANA platform that supports digital transformation for organizations. With this latest in-memory technology, organizations can compete more effectively in the digital economy. SAP HANA 2 SPS00 was released on November 2016 and the first maintenance release is planned for this quarter.

Why should you adopt SAP HANA 2

The core component of business is data but to extract true value from the data you need to find it and combine those data. SAP HANA 2 can enable you to effectively empower your business users to explore the data and act on the insights. Users can also access data from almost any source to build a quality integrated solution. HANA 2 can enhance analytical intelligence by processing various types of data including text, spatial, graph, and streaming data.

Businesses can converge infrastructure into a single platform using SAP HANA 2 and allow its powerful in-memory database to process mission-critical, real-time data using analytical tools. SAP HANA 2 can run on the cloud or on premise allowing your IT staff to focus on your core business and innovation.

Transition to SAP HANA 2

SPS12 is the latest and last support package stack for SAP HANA 1.0, which was released in May 2016. Maintenance revision for SPS12 is provided only until May 2019.

Transition Path to SAP HANA 2

  • Existing customers with SAP HANA 1.0 SPS10, SPS11 and SPS12 can upgrade directly to SAP HANA 2
  • For versions older than SPS10, upgrade to SPS12 first and then to SAP HANA 2
  • SAP is offering a new SAP HANA capture and replay tool with SAP HANA SPS12 for testing different scenarios before upgrade

Transform IT with SAP HANA 2


Features of SAP HANA 2 into four categories:

  1. Database Management Transformation
  2. Data Management Transformation
  3. Analytical Intelligence Transformation
  4. Application Development Transformation
Database Management:

SAP HANA 2, provides high-availability, security, workload management and administration enhancements. The new active/active read-enables feature takes advantage of the secondary system for read-intensive workloads. The secondary system was previously used only for system replication. HANA 2 simplifies workload for certified third-party backup tools and provides an option to define location backup catalog. The rearchitected SAP HANA cockpit enables management of multiple instances at a time.

Data Management:

Enhancements made to enterprise modeling, data integration, data quality and dynamic tiering makes it possible to get more insights from the data. A new web-based tool  -SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer, edition for SAP HANA has been introduced that complements the modeling that you have in HANA. It is not a replacement for the HANA Studio or Web IDE but brings you the Enterprise Architecture Modelling, Business Process Modelling, Architect Physical Modelling that wedo in Web IDE. There are enhancements in Smart Data Integration, Smart Data Quality and Smart Data Access too. Additional DataSources like MS Access, MS SharePoint have been included in Smart Data Integration.

Analytical Intelligence Transformed:

The Predictive Analytics Library has new algorithms. New Adapters like OData, Json, XML support have been added in streaming analytics. Enhancements for text, spatial, graph and streaming data have been made in the analytical processing engines, providing more insight into applications.

Application Development Transformed:

With SAP HANA2, application developers can build and deploy next generation applications with enhanced capabilities for the application server, development tool sets and language coverage. For instance, in application programming, a new file processor, which has been introduced can embed file filters into applications to retrieve text or metadata from documents and get more insights.

HANA Editions

SAP HANA 2 Cloud

SAP HANA 2 Cloud offers a most promising feature of leveraging microservices in the cloud to embed advanced analytics. Microservices include earth observation and text data processing with the help of natural language processing. The available cloud environments are SAP Enterprise Cloud (private cloud), Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure (public clouds).

SAP HANA 2 Express Edition

SAP HANA, express edition is an optimized version that can run on personal laptops, desktops, servers, or in the cloud. You can use up to 32 GB of memory for free and expand it to 64/128 GB of memory for a fee.

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