SAP BI Implementation and Support for Global Wholesale Distributor

The customer had existing SAP and other ERP systems in place. To ensure smooth running of the business and to maintain consistency in operations they needed to stabilize their SAP systems and integrate other ERP systems with SAP.

Customer Profile

Our client is a leading player in real estate development and home appliances, foods and tobacco wholesale trading segments across Middle East and Europe. They have business partners and networks around the globe and have to ensure that their business processes run efficiently across verticals and horizontals.

Business Challenge

The company required stabilizing of the SAP implementation to ensure smooth running of business across Europe. Each of the group companies had its own specific need which included

  • Inbound process implementation including vendor Consignment Process configuration and in outbound process default the data for goods transfer (consignment to own stock) based on the data in the delivery order
  • Integration of the DIAMOD ERP system to SAP to avoid laborious manual work to upload invoices at an average of 300 invoices a day
  • Integration of Aloha system to SAP system to perform inventory related functions and to evaluate cost of production and cost of sales reports
  • Stabilizing the process in SAP and design and development of the required forms

Client Testimonial

Applexus remained true to the name by being a high-performing business partner. Their solution has been very instrumental in providing efficient communication between our internal teams and incentivized us to serve our customers better.

Business Objectives

The main objectives were design, development, enhancements and implementation for emerging business requirements. The company needed to fully automate and optimize their business processes. For this they needed proper integration of non-SAP systems with SAP systems and ensure smooth transfer of data. The system should ensure smooth transaction of stock transfer from vendor consignment to own stock. Reports dealing with country-wise stocks, stock ageing and cost price should be developed as required by the customer. Workflows for internal approvals also needed to be developed. A quality server needed to be built. An EDI (electronic data interchange) process for vendor interaction should be developed. The customer wanted to implement authorization checks to control data manipulation. Unnecessary stoppage of business due to critical issues in production was leading to losses. Processes needed to be implemented to resolve such issues in time.

Our Workaround

We implemented SAP processes to ensure smooth functioning of the trading companies. We developed a system to perform stock availability checks during outbound delivery. This check has taken into consideration the destination of the material or stock and also the batch and the quantity of the stocks available. The existing system was enhanced to transfer stocks from the vendor consignments to their own stock based on delivery order. We developed a workflow to handle internal approvals. The EDI for vendor communication was also developed. We designed and developed interfaces to connect the legacy system to SAP system. This also enables the capture of business data from their existing legacy system to SAP. We implemented a unicode system to enable the group to use SAP for different geographies. We have implemented an application maintenance and support system to deal with production issues.

Business Benefits

  • Uninterrupted and smooth running of business using the SAP system
  • Integration between R/3 and legacy systems used in different companies helped to control the business more optimally by avoiding manual process
  • Workflow provides proper routing and ensures timely completion of business process
  • Better planning for trading and production by using the accurate reports
  • Authorization checks will avoid the data manipulation and smooth operation of business process
  • Implementations have been fully integrated into the day-to-day business processes followed by the company
  • Implementations done at optimum costs to yield maximum ROI