Order to cash/ order management

The Order to Cash (O2C or OTC) system encompasses everything from sales orders to delivery and invoice and can be considered as an integration point between finance and sales. Our solutions enable wholesale distribution companies to streamline their O2C process, acquire real-time information about the transaction progress and offer their customers value-added services. We help wholesalers in achieving the right balance between demand and supply in thier Order to Cash system.

Marketing with speed and agility

Respond speedily to market fluctuations with better transparency and alignment.

In-moment customer experiences

Provide unique, contextual customer experiences across channels.

Omnichannel commerce

Engage consumers and expand your business with a seamless omnichannel commerce experience.

Collaborative Sales force automation

Plot Omnichannel strategies that ensure brand loyalty across channels, and streamline digital assets.

Quote to cash

Increase up-selling and revenue with real-time, smart offers.

Omnichannel customer service

Deliver seamless and effortless omnichannel support that meets customer expectations.

Service process and operations

Boost productivity with the help of real-time operation status, key metrics, and customer feedback.

Procurement process

Applexus solutions help wholesale distribution businesses keep track of what needs to be ordered and when. Our solutions enable wholesale distributors to standardize, centralize, automate, and speed up their procurement processes. Wholesale distribution enterprises can generate greater insight into spend factors such as purchase costs, currency fluctuations as well as warehousing and distribution overheads. With the help of our solutions, wholesale distributors can ensure profitability and manage global supply risk.

Collaborative sourcing and contract management

Collaborate efficiently with suppliers, manage contracts and meet savings targets.

Operational purchasing

Facilitate smooth and compliant purchasing with or without a supply network.

Supplier management

Reduce costs and improve savings and sourcing efficiency using a global network.

Inventory and basic warehouse management

Optimize goods movement to improve inventory and warehouse operations.

External workforce management

Manage your external workforce efficiently and track expenditure on contract staff

Invoice and payables management

Simplify invoice processing and accounts by integration.

Supply chain planning and execution

Collaboration with supply chain partners in sharing information about products, their availability as well as transactions is vital to an efficient supply chain management. Our solutions will wholesale distributors gain more control over their supply chain - from procurement to contract management. Applexus solutions cover all key aspects of SCM such as demand management, sales, inventory, operations, transportation, and warehousing as well as response and supply management.

Demand management

Manage and analyze expected demand streams to increase customer satisfaction.

Sales inventory and operations planning

Integrate planning with financial, sales, and operational goals to balance demand and supply.

Transportation management

Streamline transportation management processes to lower costs and enhance service.

Warehouse management

Improve warehouse management with optimized planning and automated processes.

Response and supply planning

Align planning and execution in real time across networks to meet business priorities.

Profitability and Customer Relationship Management

Accurate cost recovery and rebates information and a holistic view of procurement, reduced outstanding claims and clear-cut customer classification result in sustainable profit margins for wholesale distributors. Our solutions help wholesalers comprehend, analyze, oversee, and respond to their business requirements better. Applexus solutions help provide end-to-end insights into the wholesale distribution network.

Real-time customer insights

Obtain customer insights in a single consolidated view, and gain real-time insight into customer behavior.

Procurement insight

Gain visibility into spending, suppliers, and related market information.

Logistics networks

Manage, control, and predict logistics costs to lower costs and ensure on-time delivery.

Cost recovery and rebates

Acquire agreement and transaction data, handle claims, and manage diverse, changing agreements.