Installation of SAP Merchandising Planning for Retail on SAP HANA

Insight into the installation of SAP Merchandising Planning for Retail on SAP HANA


While installing SAP MPR on HANA. It must have CARAB 1.0 (CAR Retail Application Bundle) and RDS (Rapid Deployment Solution) of CAR(Customer Activity Repository) is up and running. It may be possible that you are having CAR first time on your landscape and yu may be installing both CAR and SAP MPR at same time. Then you should first install CAR and deploy RDS on CAR. After that perform MPR installation and deploy RDS of MPR. The Installation guide provided by SAP is good guide.

You should also install Microsoft office for analysis 2.0 and it will be used as front end tool. Also activate developer tab in setting of Microsoft office for analysis to get coding part which is good for debugging. Once you install MSOA 2.0 , you can find tab of Analysis , Developer etc in your excel sheet. Try to access SAP MPR from MSOA 2.0

You should also install Lumira for reporting purpose.


Check the connection of SAP CAR with ERP.

If SAP ERP is on landscape then configuration is needed in SAP ERP side. Please also check that SAP_ECC schema is there in CAR besides DDF schema and CAR schema. It is mentioned in RDS of SAP MPR. Check DRFOUT from SAP ERP. Perform SLT to push data to CAR. It will update SAP_ECC schema, DDF and CAR Master data schema.

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