Erase your organizational data challenges with SAP BODS

For any organization in the current competitive market, it is very much important to be vigilant about the market and trends. Organizations keep the collection of administrative and performance data that is accumulated by their operations over time. This data could be customer information, sales data, product movement, profitability, and much more. The idea behind gathering all of this data into one place is to mesh it together in a desired fashion in order to display progress and help aid in decision making for the future. The data could be residing in different locations or systems or regions and we need to use any of the data migration techniques to bring this under one roof.

With data migration, all this data from disparate sources and with multiple source formats is converted into a common data model. The migrated data is then cleansed and used as a decisive input for analysis and processing and in the end meaningful business decisions are arrived at.

If you are looking for a one stop solution which handles Sourcing, Migration and Optimization of data for decision making, then that is where SAP Business Objects Data Services or commonly known as SAP BODS comes into the picture. BODS is a portfolio of business tools that is built on a trusted business intelligence platform to handle data in a single place. It is basically a tool to perform ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) operations for businesses that generate massive amounts of data during their operations.

BODS ensure that decision makers get the critical business data or more aptly called insights into their performance and other business aspects. Data in its raw format is not going to benefit them in a huge way. There is a lot of processing involved in converting this raw data into insights. BODS plugs the gap between sourcing of raw data and analyzing it to deliver insights. The data that BODS provides can be fed into high level processing applications to get the desired insights.

So what are the benefits you get by using SAP BODS?

  • Timely access of trustworthy data and insights
  • Quickly discover, cleanse, and integrate data – and make it available for real-time analysis
  • Boost productivity and cut costs with a single solution for data quality and data integration
  • Make smart business decisions based on trusted information
  • Gain new business process efficiencies with one version of the truth across the enterprise
  • Reduce risk and lower TCO with consistent, high quality information

BODS is a powerful tool for businesses that rely on data intensive decision making processes. It allows organizations to have a visibility on their data lying in disparate systems and is vital in providing your business a competitive edge in the market today.

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