Selling an experience – Latest Trends in UX/UI

Welcome, to the dynamic world of UX/ UI, its utter liveliness keeps millions of designers amazed and engrossed at the same time. It becomes quite difficult to keep up with all the updates of the same. As of now, there can be many trendy implementations to be worked upon, we have tried to list them and in fact give an evident logic for its usefulness.Trends in UI/UX

Brilliant colours and gradient.

Those flat designs which were the reason for baffled designers all over the world soon crawled out leaving behind the latest gradients and vivid colourful patterns. They lowered down the tune of monotonous and simple designs. These designs were adopted by most of the excellent User Experience Service Providers. Traditional website designs were revolutionized by these fantastic and vibrant colors and a better UI. The way they infuse energy and liveliness into the users is commendable. So, use them wisely to get those eyeballs stick to your page and turn them into customers by expert use of contrasting colors.

Nail it with pictures

When you know that users are in a hurry, then it is best to stop them only to provide everything in a nutshell. And this is done in the finest way with explicit and detailed pictures. Let your pictures, flow chart, infographics and diagrams help you with a clearer and lucid approach. This ultimately creates a micro environment for the readers, and they get used to your website, thus become regular visitors. So, engage your clients or users using every technique and hacks possible.

Scrolling not obligatory but required.

Today’s era believes in gaining quality and if it consumes little more space and requires still more scrolling, the generation has completely no issues with it. All you need to focus upon is provide informative and innovative content. Scrolling comes into role only if you are letting the users to finding nothing at the end. On the other hand, if you think optimum scrolling is required to provide your users with the latest and deepest information it is perfectly fine. This helps the user to quickly scroll and scan the text with an eagle view. Also, giving them a narrative and easy to digest content.


Try building trust factor by delivering more relevant information which could use infographics, illustrative videos, rather than using conventional photography which make the website dull for the user. Try explaining the things in the easiest ways this further helps in rendering the trust of the user and your website gains authenticity. These could either be in the form of sleek and sharps looks or some handy, rough, and handmade sketches. Websites with such features mesmerize the users and convenience them telling that they are investing their time into a faithful platform.

There are lot more parameters which decide how good your website is when it comes to UX/UI. Many a times Application Support & Maintenance Services are also used to enhance the business base and reach to maximum number of users. The main points to be finally kept in mind includes creating a user-friendly website which fetches strength to your business.

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