Challenges Today

Technological advancements in retail have enabled shoppers to grab the best deals from the comfort of their homes. This has put considerable strain on the traditional retailer, with challenges to both the top- and bottom-line. Retailers need to offer personalized marketing, expand multichannel capabilities, making data-backed decisions and leverage technologies such as IoT, big data the cloud and mobility.

How We Help

Our services and solutions for the retail industry range from complex business process optimization to cutting-edge, innovative products. Applexus, retail solution providers, enables retailers to recognize the needs of consumers, make data-backed decisions, manage product lines, streamline supply chains and reduce operational overhead. We offer:

  • Retail planning
  • Omni-channel enablement
  • POS solutions
  • Real-time retail analytics
  • Rapid Deployment Solutions
  • E-commerce services
  • Enterprise mobility and cloud solutions
  • Application development and maintenance

Why Applexus

For over a decade, Applexus has specialized in retail products. Applexus has digitally transformed billion dollar global brands and helped them consolidate their market position. Our ‘Co-innovation’ partnership with SAP helps us to build Next-Gen solutions. We prepare retailers for the future with smarter, adaptive retail solutions.

Retail Advisory

Our team of retail industry experts offers to-end retail advisory services. We address both topline and bottom-line challenges such as narrowing margins, rising raw material prices, entry into new markets and keeping up with regulatory requirements. Clients receive customized services that help to improve the customer shopping experience, optimize the supply network and improve bottom-line profit. The typical Applexus client profile spans from Fortune 500 and international retail chains to progressive small and medium sized enterprises retailers across the globe.

Our retail advisory services include

  • Market forecasting
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Consumer behavior analysis
  • Customer experience and store design
  • Store portfolio planning
  • Inventory management
  • Direct and indirect spend analysis

Implementation & Rollouts

Your business is unique and so should by your implementation. Whether you require a “Big Bang”, phased and single-site, our team will tailor the implementation plan to minizmize impact on the business and maximize time to value. We evaluate factors such as product placement, store plan, and merchandise., in addition to any legal or statutory requirements across different geographies. An Applexus implementation includes industry-accellerators and optimized consulting methodology, with onsite and remote consultants, keeping your cost to a minimum without sacrificing quality. We help retailers transition to the latest technology seamlessly and without disruption of the business. Our technology expertise includes:

  • SAP Fiori –  enhancing the user experience with simple, ergonomic screens and forms
  • SAP CRM – tracking digital and personal activities for all customers and prospects
  • SAP Hybris - integrating all aspects of the omnichannel commerce experience
  • SAP Customer Activity repository (CAR) – real time data access from across network - storefront, website and distribution centers
  • IBM Websphere Commerce - online tools that enable businesses to operate numerous websites and sales models on a single platform
  • Magento  popular commerce platform in the world

Application Development

We provide comprehensive application development services for retail companies across Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) chain. Our services help retailers move from siloed, functionality-specific applications to dynamic, interconnected systems that help retailers respond rapidly to the demands of a dynamic, customer-centric retail environment. We offer highly customized retail application development services to support uninterrupted application functioning, mitigate risks and ensure seamless performance of applications even during peak usage. Our services cover the following areas

  • Enterprise application development 
  • Mobile application development 
  • Point of Sale (POS) solutions 
  • Inventory and automated data collection systems 
  • Retail performance analytics 
  • CRM (Customer Relations Management)


Applexus offers a unique quality assurance and testing service aimed specifically for high performance retail systems. Our testing services ensure coordination between various retail systems including omni-channel commerce, POS, supply-chain management and business intelligence systems. We make sure that retailers' IT infrastructure is fault free and has low service delivery risks. With strong emphasis on performance testing, risk compliance, standards alignment and automation, we help retail companies be assured of their IT infrastructure’s robustness. We help retailers in areas such as

  • End-to-End Retail Systems Testing 
  • Requirement Compliance 
  • System Availability Monitoring 
  • Standards Audit 
  • Performance Testing 
  • Functional and Non Functional Testing 
  • eCommerce Holiday Readiness Testing


Applexus Application Management Services provides retailers with significant cost returns through proper management and maintenance of critical applications. We manage and support the retail application portfolios across their lifecycle. Our AMS delivers a comprehensive real-time view of the retail enterprises and their customers. Our services help retailers provide value to their customers and achieve competitive differentiation. Our Application management services ensure that retail applications are utilized to their maximum potential. Applexus AMS benefits are

  • Cost reduction using hybrid models 
  • Geographic and time zone coverage 
  • Augmentation of internal teams 
  • Flexibility, reliability and scalability 
  • Leverage best practice methodologies


Applexus solutions help retailers connect with demanding and unpredictable shoppers in a fast-paced environment. Our solutions enable retailers gain 24/7 access to information and real-time insights to help them analyze customer data, plan marketing strategies and improve customer loyalty.

Marketing Data and Insights

Manage and analyze retail marketing master data, and gather insights into actual-vs.-plan performance.

Marketing Strategy Planning

Plan marketing strategies and identify the right process with the help of predicative and real-time customer-intelligence analytics.

Pricing and Promotion Strategy

Forecast and execute optimal and effective pricing strategies, markdowns, loyalty programs and targeted promotions to guarantee profitability.

Omnichannel Marketing

Plot Omnichannel strategies that ensure brand loyalty across channels, and streamline digital assets.

Merchandise and Assortment Planning

We equip retailers with the technology and tools needed to build informed, analytics-backed merchandise and assortment plans that are flexible, localized and based on customer preferences. Applexus solutions help retail businesses get their right mix of products to customers when and where they want it, at optimum prices.

Channel Planning

Create merchandising plans for all channels, comparable/ non-comparable, and new store sales.

Merchandise Planning

Plan sales, margin, and inventory alignment across channels and ensure they meet corporate financial targets.

Assortment Planning and Optimization

Plan localized product assortments for stores that maximize sales and profit margins.


Applexus solutions enable retail businesses to source, purchase and manufacture products efficiently while collaborating with a global network of vendors. With analytical insights into vendor performance and buying activities, offered by our solutions, retailers can seize more opportunities to save money while procuring materials or services.

Procurement Data and Insights

Handle procurement master data, find and manage suitable vendors, and analyze vendor performance.

Sourcing and Contract Management

Ensure efficient sourcing, risk mitigation, and contract compliance to increase savings.

Merchandise Buying

Streamline vendor management and buying processes right from the creation of purchase orders to tallying invoices.

Private Label

Designing, obtaining and producing private-label products for diverse locations entails varied styles, characteristics, and compliance attributes. Applexus solutions help retail teams sync logistics, purchasing, and manufacturing operations to enable them offer innovative private label products. Our solution portfolio facilitates retailers to plan, procure, and manufacture/subcontract the manufacture of their private-label goods.

Product design and development collaboration

Merge and align product design activities with other vital processes, such as product portfolio management, concept development, and project management.

Private label management

Integrate and sync production planning and performance, efficient manufacturing processes, and outsourced manufacturing operations for retail private labeling.

Supply Chain

Foreseeing shopper demand helps retailers deliver the right products to their stores and customers at the right time. Our solutions help retailers streamline their entire supply chain system from planning to the fulfillment of orders. This helps retail enterprises gain transparency by efficiently tracking transit movement of goods and facilitating communication between warehouse management teams and logistic partners.

Supply chain data and insights

Consolidate supply chain master data across divisions and analyze supply chain performance.

Allocation and Replenishment

Foresee demand and restock inventory in stores and warehouses with advanced predictive analytics processes.

Omnichannel inventory and order response

Provide real-time inventory visibility and management. Manage inventory across locations to fulfill demand from anyplace.

Logistics and fulfillment

Balance customer service and warehouse and transport coordination with a holistic retail logistics and fulfillment network.

Omnichannel Customer Experience

Applexus solutions enable retailers leverage real-time analytics to build successful, targeted customer engagement activities and customized offers with local relevance. Our solutions allow retail businesses to improve profit margins and ensure customer loyalty with unique in-store, online, and mobile experiences. We have enabled some of the leading global retailers to create consistency across their sales channels by building customized omnichannel frameworks for them.

Customer data and insights

Utilize customer data to improve the segmentation and efficiency of customer engagement activities.

Customer engagement and personalization

Provide cross-channel personalized interactions and offers to ensure customer loyalty and drive sales.

Store and digital commerce

Provide seamless, consistent and compelling customer experiences in the physical and online stores.

Omnichannel order management

Optimize and simplify the capture, management, and delivery of customer orders from anywhere.

Products devised to delight

Retail organizations often face challenges that conventional technology products may fail to address completely. Applexus creates solutions that holistically cover these challenges. Our suite of products tailored exclusively for the retail industry covers a wide area of business processes including predictive retailing, retail planning, clientelling, vendor and supplier collaboration, high value retailing, store and inventory management to name a few.

Each of our products have been engineered keeping in mind the need for retailers to offer the best customer experience for their shoppers as well as to profitably improve their bottom line. Our product portfolio for retail organizations include:


Development of Supply Network Collaboration Solution for World’s Largest Athletic Footwear, Apparel and Equipment Company

We designed and developed a unique collaboration solution along with SAP Custom Development team for our client. It enabled seamless collaboration between their trading partners and helped them cater to changing customer demands.

Customer Profile
Our client is a Fortune 100 company that designs, develops, markets and sells athletic footwear, sportswear, gear, equipment and accessory products for men, women and children. The company has about 930 retail stores worldwide operating in more than 160 countries. It distributes goods to independent distributors, subsidiaries and licensees and has nearly 22,000 retail outlets across the world.
Business Challenge

With expanding global supply chains, increasing procurement-supply chain divide and inaccessible organizational silos, transparency into procurement processes are greatly obscured for retailers. That said, businesses are continuously striving for innovation in supply chain operations and transformation within procurement systems. Our client needed a solution that would create the right strategic sourcing environment to enhance networking, achieve considerable cost reduction and improve bottom line.

Client Testimonial
Applexus remained true to the name by being a high-performing business partner. Their solution has been very instrumental in providing efficient communication between our internal teams and incentivized us to serve our customers better.
Business Objectives
  • Improve purchase collaboration between stakeholders and suppliers and automate purchasing procedures in source-to-pay processes
  • Facilitate plain-sailing and speedy purchase order activities
  • Deepen customer relationships by catering to their dynamic demands
  • Seamless sharing of purchase requisition between factories for faster product despatch
  • Enable real-time inventory tracking and send updates to ensure customer satisfaction
Our Workaround

We helped our client deploy a supply network collaboration system to enhance communication between buyers and sellers in procure-to-pay and order-to-cash lifecycles. To fine tune business with customer demands, we also worked together with our client to customize or enhance a standard SAP module, which, in turn, raked in greater returns for them. Our support service and frequent upgrades to the software has helped in providing business continuity to the client.

Implementation Highlights

We used an eclectic mix of SAP products like SAP NetWeaver, SAP AFS, SAP XI/PI and so on to cater to the clients’ varied sourcing needs. The solution involved a massive custom solution development, investing a long 20,000 hours of development.

This was also one of the first and largest custom solutions built over SAP NetWeaver Technology. Being a predecessor of SAP Supply Network Collaboration Solution (SNC), it can help in serving customer demands efficiently and an order of magnitude faster.

Business Benefits

The central collaboration platform has enabled improved communication and collaboration between the internal stakeholders and streamlined procurement system. It has provided transparency and agility into buying and selling processes, more than ever before. The powerful tracking and management tool has also minimized IT burden drastically as well as facilitated easier budget checking and contract compliance with vendors, buyers and regulations. The client could also witness a considerable boost in return on investment.

 Integrated Application Foundation for the Largest Communications Service Provider in the United States

Integrated Application Foundation for the Largest Communications Service Provider in the United States

We simplified business operations for our customer to equip them to handle extremely high sales volume, provide an optimized retail experience and standardize operations on a single instance. This helped them to substantially improve their business, process efficiencies and deliver a consistent customer experience.

Customer Profile
Our customer is the largest wireless, facilities-based communications service provider in the United States. They provide a wide range of services and products to their customers including communications, innovative wireless technology solutions, information and entertainment products. They have a huge and strong customer base with over 141 million subscribers.
Business Challenge

With an extremely high sales volume and advanced multi-channel business model, our customer found it gruelling to manage their business using a homegrown legacy system. The complicated architecture of legacy system lacked visibility into upstream and downstream activities of the organization’s supply chain structure. Moreover, different user experiences from various legacy systems compounded problems for retail sales reps.

Client Testimonial
Applexus remained true to the name by being a high-performing business partner. Their solution has been very instrumental in providing efficient communication between our internal teams and incentivized us to serve our customers better.
Our Workaround

We deployed a Retail Starter Pack utilizing assemble-to-order functionality for our client, helping them consolidate multiple orders into a single purchase order. Our solution enabled integration with more than 45 legacy applications. To streamline order fulfillment processes, prevent stock outs and overstocks and allow integrated view into sales orders, we enabled Cross-Channel Order Management system.

Business Benefits

With application orchestration, the customer was able to witness enhanced transparency into supply chain operations. A consistent omni-channel experience enabled growth, productivity and reach across multiple regions and compelling business outcomes.

By implementing production serialization, it was possible to track and trace products, ensuring product integrity. The customer could also better service levels and enhance predictability of time to value. There was a significant reduction in cost through improved cycle times and retail efficiencies. The consolidation of master data produced a single version of the truth for data consistency, improved agility and global operations. With faster, real-time business data analytics, it was possible to respond to the dynamic needs of their customers.

Streamlining Retail Operations for a Leading Tire and Wheel Retailer

Streamlining Retail Operations for a Leading Tire and Wheel Retailer

Our client is a leading tire and wheel retailer in the U.S. with more than 900 company-operated stores and earns a spot as the largest independent retailer serving more than 40 million customers. Established in 1960, they operate across nearly 30 states and distribute tires to world’s leading brands like Goodyear, Michelin and Uniroyal. Their wide range of tires suited for all-season and all-terrain conditions make it the most sought-after brand all over the world. The company generates nearly 4 billion dollars as revenue annually.

Customer Profile
Our client is a leading tire and wheel retailer in the U.S. with more than 900 company-operated stores and earns a spot as the largest independent retailer serving more than 40 million customers. Established in 1960, they operate across nearly 30 states and distribute tires to world’s leading brands like Goodyear, Michelin and Uniroyal. Their wide range of tires suited for all-season and all-terrain conditions make it the most sought-after brand all over the world. The company generates nearly 4 billion dollars as revenue annually.
Business Challenge

Improve Transparency in Retail Operations

For businesses, small and large, it is of utmost importance to straddle the line between the right amount of stock it has to order and when to order it. The lack of a robust platform for collaboration among the growing number of business units of our client led to numerous inaccuracies and inefficiency in inventory management. They found it a gruelling task to transfer, track goods and maintain optimum inventory levels. This, in turn, had taken a big toll on operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and profit.

Additionally the client needed to:

  • Optimize warehouse operations and enable transparent, efficient procurement and inventory management
  • Ensure a smooth stock transfer in handheld mobile inventory management devices using stock transfer order
  • Pare down annual operating cost without compromising on quality
  • Eliminate burdensome, time consuming and error prone manual inventory accounting
  • Place collective orders and automate goods movement between manufacturing levels through handheld mobile inventory management devices
Client Testimonial
Applexus remained true to the name by being a high-performing business partner. Their solution has been very instrumental in providing efficient communication between our internal teams and incentivized us to serve our customers better.
Our Workaround

The Retail Landscape Transformation

We set up a scalable and agile system to support business expansion with the implementation and management of an SAP system landscape including ECC, BI and Solution Manager. The implementation of SAP MIM solution in backend system, mobile devices and desktop helped to synchronise data across merchandising and warehousing systems, which in turn streamlined inventory management for our client. We deployed SAP solutions for better availability, security and flexibility for business-critical operations across different time zones. We effectively employed SAP in all business functions such as strategic planning, CRM, SCM, logistics and sales to minimize the costs of operations and reduce TCO.

Implementation Highlights

Remodelling Retail Operations Through a Digital Makeover

  • Developed 145 objects of varied complexities in RICEF, BI, Desktop and the Handheld MIM
  • Configured mobile devices, store functionalities, business functions and movement types in the MIM module
  • Enhanced UI controls on handheld MIM screen for better user experience
  • Enhanced the standard handheld screen to capture Stock Transfer Order details for goods issue
  • Enhanced Goods Movement screen to include material document posting to respective movement types
  • Developed the custom Return to Vendor, Send to Warehouse and scrap processes for better merchandise and inventory management
  • Integrated an instant notification alert setup to enable nonconformities reporting during goods scanning process
Business Benefits
“The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability.” --- Simon Mainwaring

The MIM system enabled access to all store functions on a user-friendly, intuitive interface. The customer could gain better back-office control and point-of-sale effectiveness, in accordance with retail best practices. A goods movement system with reference to STO orders reduced error-prone manual data processing and enabled real-time inventory tracking for our customer.

With access to detailed information regarding customer vehicle at fingertips, the client could act proactively to respond better to dynamic customer demands. We helped them integrate functionality to analyse complex business scenarios such as bonuses earned and receivables based on agreements and vendors. By helping them track transaction history, the client could maintain safe stocking level. In short, our customer could witness reduced annual operation cost without compromising on quality and reliability of IT teams.

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