Manufacturing is not just about the physical conversion of raw materials to the finished product. It is about setting a clear process, identifying key metrics and shrinking cost to deal with challenges in production.

From production planning to supply chain management, we enable manufacturers to reap the advantage of a well-constructed manufacturing process. Major manufacturers rely on our expertise to control complicated supply networks, design metrics and efficiently manage complex product portfolios while optimizing cost significantly.
We help manufacturers in:

  • Demand Management and Supply Network Planning
  • Order Management and Fulfilment
  • Product and Project Management
  • Manufacturing Process Control

Demand Management and Supply Network Planning

Manufacturers have to deal with several hurdles including complexity in the supply chain, inaccuracies in inventory forecasting and long manufacturing lead times. To add to the woes, lack of robust demand management strategies have frequently lead to inappropriate resource utilization, high storage costs, and poor service. These challenges are often addressed by integrating manufacturing units, optimizing process flows and formulating an active demand management strategy.

We have a strong understanding of the manufacturing process and supply chain management (SCM). We help manufacturers enhance their existing systems and embrace emerging technologies. Our expertise in Advanced Planning and Optimization solutions from SAP have helped manufacturers predict demand signals, improve supply chain efficiency, and coordinate efforts of suppliers.
Our expertise include:

  • Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning
  • Demand Management

Order Management and Fulfilment

Manufacturers struggle to meet tight delivery schedules with the proliferation of order and delivery channels, and often supply fails to meet demand. A consolidated system would help corporations track the progress of manufacturing operations, the throughput of goods, shipments, and visibility into logistics network.

We work with manufacturers to establish a transparent logistics network, reduce order cycle times and make on-time deliveries possible even during peak seasons.
Our expertise in Transportation and Warehouse Management have helped companies to:

  • Regulate distribution and fulfillment
  • Track the progress of deliveries
  • Optimize transportation fulfillment and meet regulations

Product and Project Management

We enable manufacturers to create a framework to support product strategy and development, reorganize development processes, simplify operational complexity and control production costs. Our solutions and services empower manufacturers to regulate resources across a project's entire lifecycle and respond faster to customer inquiries. Access to performance metrics enables manufacturers to make strategic decisions to optimize investments in product innovation.

Our solutions based on SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM) enable manufacturers to manage products from conception to retirement stage collaboratively. We help businesses tightly integrate disjoint units across several business functions to achieve a real-time view of manufacturing processes and handle issues quicker. Manufacturers can reap the benefits of reduced time-to-market with decreased prototyping costs, enhanced resource utilization, and improved product quality.
Our expertise include -

  • Portfolio management
  • Project Management
  • Resource Management
  • Product Development & Costing
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Engineering Collaboration

Manufacturing Process Control

Process control and operational excellence can be better achieved through process simplification and greater production control. Applexus is uniquely positioned to help businesses implement solutions that allow real-time visibility, transparency and tighter control over manufacturing operations.

We have helped manufacturers streamline manufacturing processes by implementing SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII) solutions. We help manufacturers optimize existing manufacturing processes, collaborate with global networks and reduce production cost.
Our expertise include -

  • Production Scheduling and Planning
  • Manufacturing Orchestration and Execution
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Quality Management and Compliance

Environment, Health, and Safety

Our solutions and services help organization mitigate environment, health, and safety risks by conducting thorough risk assessments, designing effective controls, and communicating safe work practices.
Our expertise include -

  • Incident Management
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Environment Management