Challenges Today

Evolving at a faster pace, the consumer products industry is preparing to get to the next level of growth. In the past, product innovation and a sound understanding of market dynamics alone were enough for consumer goods companies to survive in the highly competitive CPG marketplace. Today, past trends can no longer serve as a guideline for businesses to stay ahead in the game. The consumer goods industry is increasingly becoming a complex industry compounded by numerous factors -- including digitization, changing consumer preferences, demographic shifts, global and local competition and business process automation challenges and so on.

How We Help

To make growth and position sustainable, we enable CPG companies to incorporate technological innovations into their business strategy and shift product portfolios towards in-demand categories. We help businesses to anticipate future trends in the CPG industry and equip them to overcome operational challenges that repress growth. Our consumer goods software solutions enable enterprises to realize needs of consumers, take timely decisions, manage product lines and reduce operational overheads. By merging global dimension with local relevance, organizations can redefine business, improve operational efficiency and achieve scalability.

Why Applexus

  • Delivered numerous multi-billion projects for CPG industry
  • Deep industry experience and thought leadership in ‘Redefining Business’
  • Strong product development team with focus to ‘Innovation for Future’
  • Efficient global delivery model with competitive pricing


Being a strategic SAP services partner, we help businesses anticipate operational challenges and adopt industrialized SAP for business operations. Our deep-rooted expertise in technology guidance and consulting enables CPG companies to identify pain points, optimize processes and offer businesses a pragmatic solution-- to achieve end-to-end production excellence. We offer consulting services in the following areas

  • Customer experience management 
  • Market Forecasting 
  • Supply chain management 
  • Assortment and space analysis 
  • Marketing and sales strategy optimization 
  • Pricing and Promotions Strategy

Digital Enablement

In this age where the direction of business is determined by consumers, providing pertinent, engaging consumer experiences are vital to retaining customers. Nevertheless, most business models continue to be channel-driven instead of being customer driven. At Applexus, we help consumer goods enterprises provide a consistent omnichannel experience and integrate the power of analytics to understand customer expectations better. Our digital integration enables you to digitally connect people, processes and devices efficiently. Our digital enablement services include

  • Multi-channel enablement
  • Data analytics
  • Mobility
  • Location based services
  • Social media enablement

Process Standardization

For businesses, big and small, it is very important to measure current capabilities against a global set of standards. This enables them to expand into newer markets, manage risks and optimize business processes to accrue maximum gains. Applexus helps to analyze ‘as-is’ business processes and perform gap analysis to identify gaps in current business procedures. After careful analysis of existing processes, we propose ‘to-be’ processes and implement solutions that ensure maximum conformance to SAP best practices. Applexus ensures process standardization in the following areas

  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Governance, risk and compliance
  • Industry best practice adoption
  • Quality assurance management


The key to streamlining businesses lie in bringing operations under a single head. By integrating the front-office with back-office sales operations, consumer goods businesses can reap the benefit of a fully integrated and flexible with significant cost savings. Whether on premise or on the cloud, we make it possible to make faster closed-loop decision-making out of data flowing between sales, financial, CRM, ERP and other systems. Our SAP integration services include

  • Cloud Integration
  • Process Integration
  • CRM integration
  • Cross-functional integration

Implementation and Rollouts

For businesses with multiple, siloed, functional units, harmonizing business processes in different locations can maximize productivity and effectiveness. Applexus helps merge country-specific localization with global SAP deployments to deliver outstanding business results. Our custom packages are purpose-built, enabling businesses to pick and choose the right SAP functionality that fits them. For retailers looking to have a strategic control over their enterprise wide business processes, we deploy the best of ERP software from SAP to achieve operational excellence. The technologies that we leverage for our retail clients include

  • SAP Fiori
  • SAP Hybris
  • IBM Websphere
  • Magento

Product and project management services

Continuous product and process innovation is necessary for CPG companies to increase productivity and reduce unit costs. With Applexus as development partner, CPG businesses can cut down on costs, decrease product development time, shorten time-to-market and escalate product success percentages. All of this, while satisfying customers and meeting regulatory and quality standards.

Project and portfolio management

Decrease operational costs, improve efficiency and time to market while ensuring product safety, quality standards and supply chain monitoring.

Product lifecycle management

Reduce development times, material costs and get to market first with superior and regulatory compliant products.


Effective procurement practices can reduce direct spend and minimize risk. It is, therefore vital for CPG companies to integrate sourcing and procurement. Applexus will provide you with SAP services that deliver an efficient, integrated, and comprehensive procure-to-pay system. Our solutions and services include direct and indirect procurement, services, commodity management and contingent labor management.

Strategic sourcing and supplier management

Promote efficiency and compliance in supplier relationship management through collaboration and strategic sourcing.

Operational procurement

Streamline procurement operations and minimize risk by consolidating procurement activities in one place, shortening procure-to-pay cycles.

Commodity management

Provide a comprehensive view of commodity procurement, sales and risk management processes with real-time data collection and reporting.

Integrated supply chain management

Focusing on customer service and profitability while balancing dynamic supply and demand processes requires synchronization of operations. Applexus can help businesses synchronize and reorganize their supply chain management. This may range from sourcing and manufacturing to warehousing and shipping to augmenting the supply chain process.

We assist CPG businesses with real-time, analytics-based inventory forecasting and scheduling to achieve DIFOT (Delivered In-Fill, On-Time) results with lean inventory and fast, efficient material movement throughout the warehouse.

Demand-driven business planning

Align strategic, financial, sales, and operational goals with cross-functional collaboration.

Response and supply management

Real-time monitoring of customer and consumer demands for quick response and reduced supply chain latency.

Logistics and order fulfillment

Optimize inventory processes by gaining visibility needed to smoothen warehouse operations and order fulfillment.

Manufacturing Process Control

The fiercely competitive consumer goods segment demands that companies attain high profitability at low outlay. Our solutions can help you manage your manufacturing process cost effectively and with increased ROI. Our agile manufacturing services and solutions will cover the entire gamut of the production process - from planning to execution. Pre and post-production compliance and safety can be ensured with our product safety and stewardship services.

Manufacturing Management

Orchestrate global manufacturing operations, supporting reliable and sustainable product innovation.

Product Safety and Stewardship Network

Enforce compliance and manage regulations at each step of the product lifecycle.

Operational Excellence

Improve operational safety, optimize asset performance, avoid unplanned downtime and optimize resource usage.

Brand Management

The highly connected and empowered consumers of today has a multitude of choices and will simply move on if they are unengaged or dissatisfied with products. Our insight–driven, agile management services include marketing optimization with omnichannel interaction capabilities to engage the modern consumer. Applexus team can assist in bringing together standalone departments such as sales, marketing, service, supply chain and manufacturing and help them be more customer-focused.

Marketing management

Deliver relevant and individualized consumer experiences across marketing channels to build lasting loyalty.

Sales management

Equip sales team with the right insights and analytics to help them deliver value throughout the customer journey.

Trade management

Plan and execute collaborative and insight-driven customer promotional activities and programs.

Commerce management

Provide relevant, seamless, cohesive customer experiences across channels.

Service management

Deliver real-time views into operational status, provide outstanding customer service and support at every touchpoints.

Changing the shape of payment landscape for a leading sportswear company

Changing the shape of payment landscape for a leading sportswear company

Harrowed by the problems associated with manual accounting, our customer wanted to digitize their payment processes. With our solution, we helped them reap the benefit of quick invoice clearing, better cash flow and could optimize stock assignment.

Customer Profile
Our customer is a leading innovator in active outwear and lifestyle apparel, skiwear, footwear and equipment market. Having gained a reputation for quality, innovation and performance, they keep sports enthusiasts comfortable in all weather conditions. Founded in 1938, they have a wide range of products that can be used for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, fishing, skiing, mountaineering, adventure travel, among others. They sell their products across North America and hundreds of other countries. In the United States, the company has about 109 retail outlet stores, 24 branded retail stores, 5 brand-specific websites and 2 employee stores. Being one of the largest outerwear manufacturers in the world, they make an annual profit of about $2 billion in sales.
Business Challenge

The client faced multiple problems with regard to receivable processes such as incomplete payment information, payments not matching invoices, among others that required a lot of manual intervention. Due to the diverse ERP systems used in different sections of the company, it was hard to perform account data reconciliation. Manual data reconciliation caused backlogs that hampered transparency into real-time cash overview. That being the case, they wanted to increase the efficiency of payment network and reduce manual accounting.

Moreover, our customer wanted to integrate SAP into logistics operations to avoid the discrepancies in on-hand product quantities in staging and storage sites arising out of short and overshipments. With the aim of ensuring customer satisfaction of highest order, the further wanted to optimize allocation run (ARun) functionality.

Client Testimonial
We relied on Applexus over others for their expertise, reputation and timely delivery. We are happy that we made the right choice.
Our Workaround

We helped them configure a custom lockbox pre-processor program to improve the efficiency of our customer’s payment process. To identify short shipments and reject remaining open quantities on corresponding orders, we created custom processes for stock allocation as a part of Global Batch Traceability (GBT). Our ARun functionality optimization helped our customer ensure optimal allocation of stock to open sales orders. With a view to providing a differentiated and a smooth shopping experience, we integrated JDA software. By merging our expertise with the technological capability of SAP, we could amplify sales to a greater extent for our customer.

Business Benefits

While keeping transaction costs down, we digitized the entire payment procedure for our client. This helped them reap the benefit of quick invoice clearing and better cash flow. Before the development of custom processes to capture shipment details, ordered quantities either fell short or exceeded the actual available stock. Our solution helped them optimize stock assignment to open orders, amping up customer satisfaction. Faster order processing times helped them amplify sales to about 45%.

Data Harmonization for One of the Largest Paint Coating Companies in India

Data Harmonization for One of the Largest Paint Coating Companies in India

We helped in consolidating data from different sources into a single version of truth and enhanced reporting and analysis. This helped to accelerate decision-making, reduce dependence on excel-based reporting solutions and enhance sales through customer tracking.

Customer Profile
Our customer is one of the top ten coating companies in the world and a leader in the industrial coating segment. They manufacture a wide variety of decorative and industrial paints. From paints used in household appliances to metal fittings in industries, their industrial coating finds application across a range of industries. Owing to their commitment to quality, technology and innovation, our customer has received several awards in auto painting in the past.
Business Challenge

With customer data spread across disparate systems, customer management system of the customer failed to provide an effective customer engagement. Knowledge workers had to scour through numerous Excel spreadsheets and combine data from them into a single table. This lengthened the report generation time to weeks or even months.

Client Testimonial
With Applexus’ Solution, we could understand our customers at different phases of their customer journey better. By using collected data to its full potential, we could offer a consistent customer experience irrespective of the channels.
Business Objectives

Our customer had numerous production plants all over the world and had a large data network to manage.That being the case, the client wanted to consolidate data from different systems into a single location. Secondly, they needed a user-friendly interface that could be accessed by users at different levels of the organization. Thirdly, giving leeway for future business expansion, the client wanted a BI system that could be scaled easily in the future. Fourthly, to make crucial decisions on the go, it was necessary to provide access to real-time information in the form of mobile-compatible, interactive reports -- whether offline or online.

Our Workaround

For effective customer profiling, we integrated our customer’s CRM system with BI. We federated data from different databases into a single data foundation, which could be reused for multiple universes. This extracted customer data from third-party systems were converted into mobile-compatible, interactive reports using the latest SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio tool. We helped them deploy SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.2 version to enable online and offline ad-hoc query and reporting.

Business Benefits

With synchronization of data from multiple sources, the client could achieve better access to quality data. Mobile-compatible reports enabled easy access to reports anytime, anywhere. Interactive reporting reduced the dependence on work-intensive excel sheets and cut down on reporting time from 24 hours to 12 hours. Interactive reports helped in making key decisions at the speed of thought. Our data reconciliation solutions also helped to achieve a high quality data environment for our customer. With our reporting solutions, our client gained greater visibility of global operations, allowing drill-down and roll-up of business critical data.

Imparting the power of SAP to a global Consumer Products Company

Our customer needed a solution that would help them maintain and operate heterogeneous business operations as per defined standards. Applexus services helped them get the benefits of a solution that enables continuous improvement of their business processes by facilitating closer co-ordination with customers and faster issue resolution.

Customer Profile
Being a leading consumer goods products company, our customer manufactures and markets a wide range of high-volume consumer and commercial products. Driven by the aim of achieving operational efficiency of world’s finest brands, they continuously debut products across segments such as Home Solutions, Outdoor Solutions, Tools, Baby and Parenting and Commercial Products. The company grew into a diversified manufacturer through acquisition of dozens of firms and makes a profit of over $6 billion dollars annually. The company has foothold all over the world including Europe, and Central and South America.
Business Challenge

A global leader with business units around the globe, our client faced challenges in reporting efficiency across different operating units. As an advanced SAP user running the latest versions of SAP's flagship products, our customer chose to upgrade the solution manager for worldwide operations.

Client Testimonial
Applexus remained true to the name by being a high-performing business partner. Their solution has been very instrumental in providing efficient communication between our internal teams and incentivized us to serve our customers better.
Our Workaround

One Solution To Consolidate Multiple Business Processes

Applexus services benefited our customer with a centralized platform that integrates all processes, tools and services needed to manage their entire IT landscape efficiently. The Applexus team adopted a methodological approach by systematically organizing and streamlining various implementation components with strict adherence to timelines. Our tailor-made solution implementation helped us meet the multiple business requirements of our customer.

The key focus point of our service was SAP Landscape Stabilization through Solution Manager. The team designed, developed and implemented a customized incident management solution that integrated our client’s standard process and completely catered to their exact requirements.

Business Benefits

A perfect foundation for sustained business growth

The tailor-made implementation allowed them to streamline internal processes and introduce new and advanced functionalities for easy business expansion.

Carrying out the implementation in accordance with SAP best practices, the Applexus team helped them improve business processes with real time reporting and incident management for SAP as well as non-SAP products. Our services enhanced compliance in fulfilling ticket management and landscape maintenance regulatory requirements. Unification of change process and change execution improved our customer’s global IT agility and enabled person-independent, process oriented 24x7 support. The implementations opened up numerous API possibilities and optimized database performance and maintenance activities.This enabled them to keep their business running with competent speed and efficiency, and achieve long term business benefits.


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