Merchandising and brand promotion

A keen grasp of customers’ wants, thorough knowledge of current fashion trends and the ability to forecast future trends are crucial to successful fashion merchandising and branding strategies.Our solutions and services enables fashion retailers to make targeted, personalized marketing, gather customer preferences and integrate marketing campaigns based on a shared view of shopper demands.

Marketing and brand data and insights

Consolidate master data and translate merchandise and brand performance data into marketing initiatives that drive sales and profit.

Product design and development

Innovate product designs and optimize the product development process right from its design to the ultimate manufacturing phase.

Channel, merchandise, and assortment Planning

Create targeted, location-based market and eCommerce-driven assortments to cater effectively to consumer demand variations.

Omnichannel marketing

Implement successful marketing strategy and analyze customer data across channels to acquire new customers and ensure brand loyalty.

Omnichannel pricing and promotions

Identify the right pricing strategy and manage promotions across channels to boost growth and profitability.

Comprehensive procurement

The fashion retail procurement process usually involves direct materials, indirect materials as well as services. The procurement process has a direct impact on manufacturing as well as the quality of the goods produced.Our fashion retail procurement solutions will help companies collaborate with a wide network of vendors, manufacturers, and transporters to provide better value to customers without compromising on profit margins.

Procurement data and insights

Drive improved efficiency in sourcing and procurement processes with the integration of multiple data sets across the enterprise value chain.

Sourcing and contract management

Maintain effectiveness and reliability of procurement process along with contract compliance.

Branded manufacturing

Reduce variation in product features, optimize manufacturing processes and design the best quality-control systems.


Plan and direct procurement activities --including issuing purchase orders, approving deliveries and endorsing payments of indirect as well as direct goods and services, effectively.

Operational excellence

Keep your brand identity intact and build brand loyalty through innovation in services marketing and management.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chains have grown larger and more complex over the years especially when businesses have to sell as well as source from global marketplaces. Our expertise in fashion retail supply chain management enables organizations to strengthen the management of your supply chain and drive profitability in every link of their supply chain.

Supply chain insights

Create a more transparent, smarter and predictive supply chain with advanced analytics and improved data visibility.

Demand planning

Align production and distribution accurately with peaks and troughs in customer demand.

Omnichannel inventory and order response

Gain real-time visibility of inventory across channels and location to improve fulfillment and merchandising decisions.

Supply planning

Coordinate the delivery of goods and services from supplier to customer, matching supply precisely with demand.

Logistics and fulfillment

Place orders, distribute merchandise, make timely deliveries, and trade globally with ease.

Omnichannel commerce

Omnicommerce integrating wholesale, retail and digital channels are the key to improved customer satisfaction and higher margins in the fashion industry. Applexus equips fashion retailers with the ability to provide an enhanced customer experience irrespective of their point of entry. Our expertise in omnichannel platforms help fashion business adopt integrated business processes and omnicommerce orchestration to enhance customer engagement.

Customer data and insights

Closely monitor customer data,segment customers based on demographics, purchase history and provide personalized shopping experience.

Customer engagement and personalization

Enhance customer service through personalized interactions and targeted communication, boosting conversion rate and sales.

Wholesale, store, and digital commerce

Win over your customers by providing a seamless in-store and online experience, improving brand retention and customer engagement.

Omnichannel order management

Capture, orchestrate and optimize heterogenous orders from anywhere , anytime and provide a secure transaction environment.

Omnichannel customer service

Discover buyer personas, map out customer journey and provide the most fulfilling omnichannel customer service experience.