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Today’s business users want analytics at the speed of transactions. The trouble is, most companies have separate databases, data warehouses and data lakes to support different workloads. This makes it very difficult for IT organizations to support real-time insights and analytics without duplicating data and incessantly moving it around – slowing down processing and leading to stale reports, missing data, and lost opportunities.

If these symptoms sound familiar, there is a cure. Translytical data platforms can support multiple workloads from real-time insights and streaming analytics to machine learning and extreme transaction processing. That means, for example, that businesses can store and process customer data in a single integrated translytical platform, enabling them to upsell and cross-sell new products based on customer preferences, buying patterns, and past orders. This opens up new opportunities for companies of every size to create a competitive advantage and drive growth.

Digital innovation is vital for small and midsized businesses to compete effectively. Typically, these ambitious companies need to respond rapidly to change but also able to manage growth while investing carefully and controlling risk. They need the flexibility to react quickly to market changes, but also want to maintain a small IT footprint without making their infrastructure more complex or adding headcount.

SAP HANA Edge Edition

SAP HANA Edge edition, advanced version, is designed specifically for small and midsized enterprises. It is based on the market-leading SAP HANA platform, the archetypal translytical data platform that is built from the ground up on a simplified architecture using in-memory technology. This allows transactional, operational and analytics workloads to be combined on a single platform, streamlining your data landscape and reducing your total cost of ownership.

The advanced version of SAP HANA Edge edition enables you to simplify your data landscape by combining database, data integration, analytic processing, and application services in a single platform. SAP HANA dynamic tiering enables you to keep frequently accessed data in-memory while moving rarely accessed data to disk, allowing you to manage larger data environments more flexible and cost-effectively. Embedded data access and integration capabilities mean you can gather insight from data sources across the enterprise without installing separate software. And the platform gives you the flexibility to develop real-time analytics and applications that can be delivered with flexible deployment options, on-premise or in the cloud, and can expand at your pace as the business grows. This all adds up to significant savings for the IT organization as you reduce your data footprint, hardware requirements, and administration efforts.

SAP HANA Edge edition, advanced version, is available exclusively through SAP partners.

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