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The September edition of The Atlantic includes an article by Derek Thompson where he calls out the striking similarities of Amazon today and Sears of 100 years ago. The article is here.

In the 1890’s and for the majority of the 20th century, our great grandparents and grandparents were as attached to their Sears Catalogs as we are to our Smart Devices today. Mail order was the "internet" shopping phenomenon of its era.

The visionaries at Amazon found innovative ways to use today’s tools to create the world’s largest on-line retailer in the same way the visionaries at Sears found ways to innovatively use the tools available a century ago to create the mail order business that eventually became the largest retailer in the US into the 1980’s.

What does this have to do with Applexus and the market it serves?

Like the Sears/Amazon story, case studies about failed and successful enterprises often include lessons learned about opportunities missed and captured. Those missed opportunities are typically rooted in a failure to recognize how new tools can be utilized to transform the business to keep it relevant in an ever-changing market.

SAP has reinvented itself more than once over its 40+ years. As a Preferred Partner, Applexus is well schooled in and has helped SAP develop tools for today’s enterprise.

Using the SAP Activate Methodology, we can help you quickly launch your SAP Simple Finance Cloud solution, powered by SAP S/4HANA, to serve as a springboard to a fully integrated financial and logistics supply chain. Using the real-time embedded analytics of the SAP Fiori user interface, we can personalize workforce roles to assure that decision makers are instantly informed about matters needing attention now.

By embracing an agile approach to solution implementation, software deployment, and solution operations, we can help you meet the needs of your customers in real-time and to evolve and improve your ability to delight your customers.

Don’t miss the digital transformation. 

What are you waiting for?

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