Ready to migrate? S/4HANA 1709 and the Future of your SAP Fashion implementation

S/4HANA 1709 and the Future of your SAP Fashion Implementation

Since my first blog on the future of SAP Fashion back in October, 2017 SAP has been busy making functionality improvements and simplifications to the S4CORE (which is how we used to refer to R3 or ECC (enterprise central component)). One consistent goal from SAP has been to support all types of business with a single CORE solution and to continue folding in the business suite applications such as Transportation Management and Global Trade.  This will certainly reduce the cost of running SAP.


s4/hana migration

I hope you have a plan in place to Migrate from either AFS or FMS to S/4HANA

The user experience for S/4 continues to improve.  You may be like me with many years working in the SAP GUI and loving it, but now that I have been working with FIORI I am very excited.  SAP has developed so many new APPS that truly simplify work for internal departments.   An example of simplification is ‘Manage Sales Orders’ which first provides a rich search capability and then the ability to change, manage blocks, and view status and document flow. This same type of application is available for Manage Purchase Orders as well.  Many FIORI tiles provide ‘insight to action’ by loading current analytics such as number of sales orders, number of delivery issues, sales volume, etc.  One great app/FIORI tile for sales is ‘My Sales Overview,’ which starts by providing analytics (incoming sales compared to last year, open sales orders by month, etc.) and then allows you to manage all sales orders, contracts, returns, credit/debit memo requests, and make quick actions.

S4CORE provides many new FIORI applications for reporting and analytics. In my opinion these remove the need for a separate BW environment for reporting.  If you have developed reports in BW – even though they may not be available until the next business day – they may support the business –so you will need to review all of the new S/4 analytics to determine if there are any gaps.

SAP has the tools to migrate from FMS and AFS or you may decide to re-implement your fashion solution.  How do you decide whether to migrate or re-implement? Reasons to re-implement could include:

  • The business has expanded into retail
  • You want to reduce custom code that was required for missing functionality that is now available in S4CORE
  • You need a new organizational structure or master data structure.

Review your current business processes and the software that is used to support them before making this decision. This should both SAP software and non-SAP software.  Writing a list of current pain points or manual activities will provide useful information to help you know when and how you want to take advantage of the new S4CORE.

SAP S/4 was first released as version 1610 (Oct. 2016) and continues to add functionality and simplification with the newest version 1809 (Sept. 2018) now being developed and tested.

AFS customers should make sure to what is the same and what is different in S/4. For example, ARUN (Allocation Run) is now called Supply Assignments and rescheduling is now called BOP (Back Order Processing).  Check into functionality that is planned for future releases.

Here is what we know is planned in S4CORE 1809 for fashion:  

Master Data:

  • Manufacturing master data maintenance at generic level
  • Segmentation strategy (N:M and 1:N)

Demand and Supply

  • Long term planning
  • Integration to SCM APO at generic level

Procurement, Inventory, and Logistics

  • PSST (pack separately, ship together) for Stock transport orders
  • Advanced returns

Sales and Distribution

  • Sales Contract enabled for Supply Assignments and MRP
  • Advanced Returns
  • Article Personalization (aka Fert Generator)

Supply Assignments (ARUN)

  • Contract and reference (call –off) scenarios
  • Reference handling between MSO and exploded orders
  • Assignment using Production Orders

Attend ASUG Sapphire in Orlando next month to learn more about the S/4 roadmap for Fashion.

Good luck!  Drop me a line if you have any questions If you want to know more about S/4 HANA Migration visit : S/4 Hana Migration Services

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It's good explanation, May I request what are all the settings are required in back-end to achieve this in S4 HANA application.

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