Companies across the globe are exploring ways and means to improve their bottomline by optimizing cost while ensuring the retaining same quality if not better. By optimizing and outsourcing noncore functions, corporate leaders can better focus on, and further develop, core business competencies, while lowering total cost of ownership.

In order to achieve operational and strategic objectives, solutions must include superior technical expertise, dependable support, continuous knowledge management, and measurable cost efficiencies.

The inherent problems that ensue with regard to service and delivery reliability can be achieved by means of calibrating an appropriate framework for delivering the Application Management Services.

Applexus’ Application Management Services (AMS) is designed to help organizations optimize cost savings, integrate information technology infrastructures and facilitate business process adaptation to unlock hidden value. Our innovative hybrid delivery model, reduced consulting cost by virtue of the location of the vendor delivery team, dynamic transformation of your otherwise fixed cost to variable cost are key drivers for a partnered Application Management Service. Our Application Management Service complements and supplements your internal team by augmenting their skills, cover for leaving and retired employees and increased capability arbitrage. Our services are highly reliable, scalable and flexible as we have a robust and flexible engagement model that that caters to the need of your changing business scenarios.

Our innovative SAP AMS design finalizes the resource requirement, which helps us constitute the project team and set up the infrastructure.

Applexus understands that the requirements of each client are unique and diverse. This has helped us develop multiple levels of support, multiple pricing and flexible delivery models. Our diverse yet pertinent support levels can cater to your pressing needs from basic customer queries to mini projects.