Applexus consultants will work with you to create and execute Omnichannel Commerce strategies that uniquely fits your business

The consumer industries – retail and consumer products - face unique challenges.

Growing customer expectations, competitive pressure, technology advancements and globalization are some of the things forcing businesses to rethink the way they sell. To manage such complexities, retailers and consumer product companies often implement ad-hoc IT solutions that fail to provide a holistic view of customers, inventory, and sales activities. These uncoordinated activities can create a huge wastage of resources – time and money.

We help retailers to find the right path to omnichannel adoption with the right mix of stores, mobile, digital marketing and CRM capabilities. We define, deliver and drive powerful ecommerce experiences to help brands improve sales and visibility/accessibility. We turn business challenges into opportunities. Applexus adopts a platform-neutral approach and works with SAP Hybris, IBM Websphere, Salesforce Commerce cloud, and Magento.

Experience, commitment, and vision make our Omnichannel Commerce practice a smarter class of commerce.

SAP Hybris

As an SAP Hybris Partner, we help businesses of all shapes and sizes to get ahead of the challenges within the ecommerce industry. From web store-fronts to customer incident tracking we enable retailers to customize functions and extensions to meet their specific needs. We offer end-to-end services that are customized to your business needs, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment in Hybris projects. We also enable easy integration with legacy systems as appropriate, enabling an evolutionary or revolutionary approach to new omnicommerce systems. This accelerates go-live of new systems and reduces upfront costs. Businesses can meet the ongoing demands of existing customers while growing to serve new customers and markets.


  • Unified view of sales and communication channels
  • Consistent user experience across devices
  • One-to-one customer experience with well-designed UI
  • Out-of-the-box integration with the existing system
  • Adequate scaling to meet peak loads

By implementing SAP Hybris:

1.A major US Electric Utility company achieved :

  • 45 days Reduction in days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • 10% Additional non-commodity revenues billed and collected in
    the first three months after going live

2. A leading Australian Drinks company

  • Won first account of value $75K
  • Improved B2B sales, ordering, and marketing processes

3. A Leading Swiss Retail company witnessed :

  • 15% increase in online conversion rate
  • 4% Increase in e-commerce revenue

4. A major Telecommunications, Professional services achieved :

  • 75% reduction in time to process month-end invoices
  • Free innovation without disruption

IBM Websphere Commerce

We bring decades of experience in Omnichannel Commerce strategy, UI designing, integration, implementation and ongoing support in IBM Websphere Commerce projects. With our set of services, we help businesses build agile Omnichannel Commerce solutions that deliver convenient buying digital experience across channels. We have developed a reputation for providing high-quality services to our customers, helping them deliver customer and business insights and mobile-optimized experiences to drive higher ROI. We understand the methodology required for implementation and best practices for the product, resulting in a quicker time to market and a considerable reduction in the total cost of ownership.


  • Faster time-to-market with easy eCommerce and mobile storefronts
  • Improved selling and order fulfillment with easier collaboration between suppliers, manufacturers and customers
  • Superior B2C brand experience with highly targeted offers and personalized content across devices
  • Easy set-up of store page layouts with reduced dependence on IT
  • Easy creation and management of microsites and subsites with IBM Websphere Extended Sites business model

According to Internet Retailer, IBM WebSphere Commerce has powered more top 500 online retailer sales than any other third party e-commerce solution providers

By implementing IBM Websphere:

1. A multinational Telecommunications company achieved :

  • Up to 3 times increase in cross-sell and up-sell conversion rates
  • 3 times increase in below-the-mine marketing revenues

2. One of the largest retailers in Denmark :

  • Boosted return on markdown revenue by 10%

3. A leading Mexican healthcare provider :

  • Doubled sales volume of its online drug store

4. An Australian office products reseller :

  • Boosted conversion rates by 114%

What We Do

We offer end-to-end omni channel eCommerce software solutions that help you stay ahead of the competition and create value for your customers and your company

Why Applexus

We think global, work local

We think global, work local

While our clients include many of the largest global brands, we serve each with personalized, local support. Client solutions are robust, flexible and designed to meet individual needs. One customer = one solution.

Business people who deliver business solutions

The best technology solutions are built by business people who think outside of the box. We build innovative business solutions using the best products and technology.

Business people who deliver business solutions
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We think global, work local

While our clients include many of the largest global brands, we serve each with personalized, local support. Client solutions are robust, flexible and designed to meet individual needs. One customer = one solution.

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