Is your eCommerce site ready for the holiday season?

The holiday season is just around the corner. With less than 2 full months to go, online retailers need all the guns they could amass in their arsenal. Studies show that close to 30 percent of the total annual retail sales in the US happen during the holiday season. For an online retailer, the ideal target is to convert as many visitors into buyers and it is not an easy job. You can let your Marketing and Communications team handle all the creative tasks needed to lure buyers but all the executions happen on your eCommerce site. The big question posed here is “Is your eCommerce website fully prepared for the holiday rush?

So how do you evaluate the holiday readiness quotient of your eCommerce site? There are several factors you need to consider but here is a list of the top-most parameters you need to evaluate for determining the holiday readiness of your online store.

Device Independence

You cannot expect shoppers to use a particular medium say computers alone while shopping during the holidays or in fact any time of the year. Stats have pointed out that today more users shop on mobiles than personal computers and hence retailers need to take extra care to offer a consistent experience across multiple devices be it mobiles or personal computers or Tablet’s.

Real Time Predictive Analytics

This essentially means the ability to capture the browsing behavior of visitors and suggest product recommendations in real time. To meet rising consumer expectations, eCommerce players need to be well equipped to intelligently use customer data and offer the best experience across devices.

Threats and Vulnerabilities

Peak user visits also opens up an avenue for peak attacks from fraudsters and cyber criminals who aspire to steal valuable information like passwords, bank credentials, customers personal information and much more. So you need to beef up security in your site to prevent imposters from gaining access to sensitive data stored away or generated during transactions in your site.


The holiday season is the best time to test the sturdiness of your eCommerce site to check whether it can accommodate such a huge spike in traffic. You can have a close look at how your site performs in unexpected scenarios and make necessary preparations to avoid downtimes or slow loading.

Track Configuration Changes

While all of the above parameters can directly impact your site’s performance during peak traffic surges, this factor needs to be considered after you have implemented or initiated readiness measures. Different teams handling different modules of your eCommerce system would have made changes to accommodate readiness but these need to be tracked. In case a particular change has resulted in more damage than usefulness to your IT infrastructure it needs to be replaced or reconfigured at the highest priority and mostly in real time. To avoid technical slowdowns or downtime, these changes need to be well documented or tracked using automated tools to ensure instant recovery of working configurations implemented earlier.

The above 5 points are a checklist for eCommerce companies looking to make it big this holiday. Holiday readiness is a pain-staking task for retailers, which is why we have a dedicated service line to help the world’s best retailers prepare for the big season. Have a close look at our Holiday Readiness services to know more or drop us a line and we will be in touch.

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