Secrets of Omnichannel excellence

A Technical Webinar


Catering to customer’s interests remain top of mind for retailers. While most of them are married to the idea of ensuring seamless and consistent user experience across all channels, the route to omnichannel success varies with line of business. In fact, the task is much harder than ensuring the right channels are in place. Retailers are hard pushed when it comes to ensuring their business is customer-centric. This webinar will help you identify the most fundamental capabilities to fulfill your customer’s expectations and achieve demonstrable omni success.

Sreekumar Hariharan

Sreekumar Hariharan
Enterprise Solutions Architect

Sreekumar Hariharan is an Enterprise Solutions Architect with extensive experience in supporting Supply Chains across geographies through technology and business transformation initiatives. He has a proven record of success in Multi-Channel Retailing projects involving multiple implementation, roll-out, upgrade, migration and production support projects. Passionate about driving innovation and digital transformation across Retail, Consumer and High-Tech industries, he is experienced in building Omnichannel Solutions spanning Retail Planning, Merchandise Sourcing, Marketing, and Product Development.


  • Webinar Date

    Tuesday, 07 August, 2018

  • Webinar Time

    9 am PT / 12 pm ET

  • Webinar Duration

    60 Minutes

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