Applexus Technologiesis a global Innovative Business Solutions & Technology Services company offering industry-leading solutions to retail, fashion, consumer products and other strategic industries. Applexus’ portfolio of services is offered in support of solutions including ERP, Digital Commerce, User Experience, Business Intelligence, IoT and Cloud. Applexus co-innovates with software partners and customers in building next-generation solutions.

Applexus operates in the North America, the United Kingdom, the Middle East and India. Headquartered in Seattle, Applexus houses a research and development center from which it fosters innovations. The ISO-certified offices in India serve as the company’s global delivery center. Offices in London and Dubai address client requirements specific to Europe and the Middle East regions.

Adopting a collaborative business approach, Applexus has built long-term relationships with diverse portfolio of organizations worldwide.

Our portfolio of services include ERP, Digital Commerce, User Experience, Business Intelligence & Analytics, IoT, BIG DATA and Cloud.

Our Mission

Provide transformational solutions to our customers and conduct business with integrity

Build a sustainable organization empowering innovation to make life simple and caring the underprivileged

Our Vision

Our Story

From a modest start as a small collection of family and friends to the highly respected global organization, Applexus today nurtures and delivers the dream. The dreams of the Applexus Family and beyond.

Our Partners

Innovation is our Passion

Applexus believes that innovation is the key to unlocking a disruption-proof future. Innovative thinking is a way of life for us. This collaborative approach has resulted in the development of cutting-edge products, packaged services and delivery models. We co-innovate with our customers to formulate new ideas and combine them with the right mix of technology turning them into business opportunities. Our innovative solutions help us remain competitive in the global marketplace while delivering quality solutions and services to our satisfied clientele.

Our Team

The Applexus team comes from diverse backgrounds and is the right mix of experience and exuberance. What unites us is a shared conviction in the seamless symbiosis of technology and business. We have worked with customers across verticals and geographies and delivered consistent and effective results. Extreme efficiency, high quality and short turnaround time are the core tenets embraced by our team. We believe that a business should be built on a foundation of integrity, transparency and mutual respect and each one of our team members follow this principle.

Technologies We Work